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Do Those Crazy Wraps Work?

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I received product free of charge for review

If you have not seen or heard of the “wraps” I might suggest you might need to get out a little more! Honestly they seem to be everywhere! I must get 2-3 follows a day on Instagram from an “itWorks” rep… They are flaunting them like crazy on there. Finally after seeing  post after post of “instantly” slimmer waistline pics … I finally broke and my curiosity won. So when Mindy one of my Instafriends approached me and asked me to try them,  I thought what the heck, why not.

So after I agreed to try them I anxiously awaited my package of wraps. With a couple big pool parties coming up- a wrap or two might just come in handy… If they even worked,  I am always a skeptic when it comes to these types of products. What magic voodoo is going to make that big of a difference in 72 hours really?!? So here are my honest thoughts on… Do those crazy wraps work?

Do Those Crazy Wraps Work

So here’s my honest thoughts – They do work as you can see the difference above in my before and after. Are they a miracle cure that will leave you looking slimmer for the rest of your life… No! But if you are wanting to trim off some inches and get a little help looking more toned; then wraps are for you! What I did notice is that my “Mommy” sludge of extra skin that I can’t seem to shake no matter how hard I try, disappeared! That was actually pretty amazing. I realize I don’t have a whole lot of excess around my mid section. So maybe someone with more excess skin would see a bigger difference. But I was happy with my results and would buy them again to have on hand for a special occasions when I need my abs to look top notch!

On a totally unrelated side note… I recently got a VS sports bra and I’m in LOVE! — check it out in bottom right pic! – Just say no to uni-boobs at the gym! (like the other sports bras I’m wearing…) lol

Easy Peazy - Just Wrap It!

The wraps are super easy to use just apply and press on gently until lotion on wrap is somewhat absorbed and there are no “bubbles” and then wrap yourself up in saran wrap!

A couple pointers for those who are wanting to try the wraps. Make sure you drink a lot of water! At least two cups in the 45 minutes you wear the applicator. And continue to hydrate throughout the day. Also when you try it for the first time- there is a definitive medical smell so be prepared for that. And also it will tingle! It didn’t bug me but those who have more sensitive skin might be irritated by it.

You can find itworks wraps on Amazon. Or contact your friend who is selling them! I am always in favor of supporting a friend in their business.

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  1. Shannon @GirlsGotSole says:

    Honestly, I have always wondered about these wraps. But yeah they are a temporary thing.

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