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30+ Insanely Easy Healthy Snacks On The Go!


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If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you how insanely busy they are. We live in a non-stop world of go, go, go. 

Grabbing food because it’s convenient and not because it is healthy is an easy slip-up we all fall prey to. 

It’s so much easier to grab a bag of this or go through the drive-thru than it is to take the time to make ourselves a real meal or an easy snack. 

But I am here to question this whole line of thought. 

We ARE inherently lazy people. Our brains are just wired to work that way. We are wired to find the easiest, least resistant path and head in that direction. 

So why not use our brain’s superpower of being lazy to our advantage?

If WE know, we are lazy and totally embrace this fact and own it completely. This we can work with. 

If our default is grabbing something easy, why not stock your fridge and pantry with easy healthy snacks? I know this may seem like common sense and a big, duh… but ask yourself this question, am I really doing just that? 

I know I fall short. 

Often because I lack ideas and find myself bored eating the same things. 

Image of a busy mom driving her car, she is a pro at finding healthy snacks on the go!
Whenever I am running errands, I make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks on hand!

So this post is meant to shake things up and give you loads of new ideas for healthy snacks to eat on the go! Hopefully, these snack ideas will help you to reach for healthier snacks at snack time. And these ideas are helping you along on your weight loss journey!

Assortment of healthy protein bar options
These are my top 3 “grab and go” protein bars! I make sure my pantry is always stocked with them!


Protein bars, by nature, are the perfect grab-and-go healthier snack for all busy peeps. They are a convenient snack that combines our love of a “candy bar” with the ease of on-the-go nutrition. But let’s be honest; not all bars are created equal. Some are downright NASTY. And others, well, let’s just say you’d be better off grabbing a snickers bar because of all the added sugar and artificial ingredients. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to protein bars, and here are my TOP on-the-go bars that you’ll need to snag! 

  • Built Bars – The macros are fantastic on these. Low calories, typically around 110-150 calories per bar, 15 grams of protein, and 2-3G sugar, which is pretty spectacular. And they taste great, with no weird aftertastes or weird chalky textures. I have talked to some readers, and the texture wasn’t their favorite; it is unique. Think ooey-gooey cremes from a mixed chocolate box. If you like those, you’ll love built bars! They have updated their formula. Now I would compare them more to a 3 musketeer bar. USE Code ANDIE for 10% off your entire order! I recommend getting the mixed one to see which flavors you’ll like the most before committing to an entire box of one flavor. 
  • ZONE Perfect Macro Bars – Again, great macros on these. I love these before or after a workout. Great taste, with no weird aftertaste. My favorite flavor is the “fruity cereal bar.” Think cereal bar for a texture. So really crispy! 
  • Quest Bars- Have the most protein per bar (20-21G usually) and have a bit of texture and a very signature aftertaste. I’m a fan, but I am very selective of the flavors I purchase. I prefer the cookies and creme and the cookie dough. I think they taste best when you microwave them for 10-15 seconds at power 70%. You also can’t beat the 14-15 grams of fiber per bar. Making them a great source of fiber.
  • Fit Crunch Bars:  These are the brainchild of celebrity chef Robert Irvine. You know, the muscle-bound one that reviews restaurants and helps them get back to being in the black. They taste great, more like a candy bar in texture. There is a bit of an aftertaste and a bit of a “chalk” to them but overall a great-tasting bar.
  • Good 2 Go Bars: I would consider these more of a nutrition bar or meal replacement since they are a bit spendier on caloric intake. But they are SOOO good! They were my favorite go-to when I was training for my marathon last year. These are great for hiking or having a nutrient-dense treat when you are on the go.

Updated: Since I wrote this post initially, I have transitioned to a low-carb keto lifestyle, so I wanted to update my favorite Keto Snack Bars as an added bonus!

  • Perfect Keto Bars: These taste just like the Good 2 Go Bars but with only two net carbs per bar, and they have a good amount of healthy fats. I usually eat these daily! They are also super filling which is a bonus. Use code ANDIE10 to save 10% on your order! My favorite flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter.
  • Kiss My Keto Bars: These are very similar in texture to Quest Bars, except they have a chocolate layer on the outside, which makes them the perfect bar when you’re craving a sweet treat. I usually get the combo box with cookie dough, chocolate coconut, and chocolate peanut butter.
  • Built Bars: Most of their bars clock in around 4-5 Net Carbs so they may be on the higher side for a snack. They are worth the splurge!


Tips for what to look for when you want healthy snacks on the go at the grocery store
My favorite Healthy Snacks On The Go snacks you can find at the grocery store.


I love it when I can find super simple grab-and-go snacks at my local grocery store, making my life even easier. These are just a few ideas of convenience foods I rounded up at my local store. 

  • Veggie Packs: More and more grocery stores have convenience packs of fresh veggies and dip, all portioned out and cute for you. I like grabbing the baby carrots or snap peas + ranch snack pack.
  • Portioned Out Greek Yogurt: These make a great snack! With so many delicious and fun options, opt for brands with minimal sugar added and are made with real food ingredients. I like the brand TwoGood.
  • P3 Snack Packs: These little Snack Packs from Oscar Meyer are a fan favorite at our house. They come with a serving of raw almonds, meat, and cheese.
  • String Cheese Sticks: An oldie but a goodie, these always make a delicious snack, and a serving of whole grain crackers, and you’ve got a great snack!
  • Beef Jerky: Is a fantastic low carb high-protein snack. Bonus it is very portable.
  • Nuts: Most stores sell portion-controlled snack bags of your favorite nuts. This is a great thing since nuts are an easy thing to overeat. 
  • Premade Protein Shakes: Always a good source of protein. Premier Protein has some great flavors, and Light Muscle Milk is delicious! 
  • Whole Fruits: This one may seem obvious, but it’s just as easy to grab real fruit like an apple or a banana as it is anything else. 
  • Lunch Meat: Choose one that is less processed. I like turkey slices “as is,” but adding a little reduced-fat chive cream cheese to a slice of turkey and rolling it up is life-changing. 
  • Skinny Pop: Popcorn is super filling and tastes like you are cheating!
  • Granola Bars: Opt for ones that are low in sugar and have simple, wholesome ingredients.
  • Cottage Cheese: Most stores are now selling portion-sized packages. Pair your cottage cheese with some fresh fruit.
  • Kale Chips: I love that most stores sell these now! These will give you a nice salty crunch when you are craving a bag of chips.
  • Sunflower Seeds: Another easy snack to eat on the go.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: These have a surprising amount of protein.
  • Dried Fruit: These are great when you have a sweet tooth, but be careful. Many have extra added sugars.
  • Trail Mix: Again, watch the ingredient list for added sugar and weird ingredients.
Healthy options available at a drive thru. A photo a drive thru sign.
These are some fantastic options for Healthy Snacks On The Go via the drive-thru when you forgot to grab a healthy snack.


We’ve all been there when we are out and about, and we did not plan, and we’re starving. You can still keep things on track by opting for one of these options! 

  1. Starbucks Spinach and feta breakfast wrap at only 290 calories. It’s an excellent find. 
  2. Panera Bread’s Avocado Egg White + Spinach Power Sandwich -you had me at avocado. 
  3. Macdonald’s Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait – Even the Golden Arches have a decent option. 
  4. Taco Bell’s Mini Skillet Bowl – Oh, how I love my Taco Bell 
  5. Panera Bread’s Power Chicken Hummus Bowl – This sounds delightful! 
  6. Subway 6″ Oven Roasted Chicken Sub – get it light on the sauces and order the 9-grain bread. 
  7. Chipotle Steak Burrito Bowl – To keep it at just 310 calories, order with romaine, fajita vegetables, black beans, and green tomatillo salsa. 
  8. McDonald’s Artisan Chicken Sandwich – Order open-faced and save yourself 100 calories 
  9. Quiznos 4″ Tuna Sub with Cheese – Save major calories by holding the dressing. 
  10. Wendy’s Asian Cashew Chicken Salad – Use only one pouch of dressing, and you’ll keep it at 380 calories! 

*For more detailed info: see source: 10 healthier drive-thru meals 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthy snacks on the go options. My biggest tip is always to have your favorite veggies on hand in the fridge; all cut up and ready to go. I use this Tupperware I found on Amazon, and I keep it full, so I always have veggies ready to go! I will always eat them if they are cut up, but heaven forbid I have to take the time and cut them when I am ready for a snack. It’s not going to happen.

So usually, on the weekends, when my time is a bit more fluid, I meal prep. Kelly will throw some chicken on the grill. I’ll cut up veggies and boil some eggs when we take the time to do this while we are getting caught up on favorite shows – our week and our levels of discipline skyrocket when we take the time to meal prep for the week ahead. A stocked pantry of nutritious snacks is a game-changer.

What are your favorite snacks to have on hand? 

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 Much Love + Happy Eats!

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  1. Heather Hutchinson says:

    Oh wow! Good for you! I'm addicted to carbs and sweets and while I try to limit my soda intake I slip up quite a lot. I keep wanting to do this but it's hard when your husband buys cookies and doesn't hide them very well=/

    1. Andie Thueson says:

      Agreed!!! It definitely takes work! 🙂

  2. Heather Davies says:

    Andie, you should totally try this recipe. It is WAY yummy! Of course I used the maple syrup, so maybe that&#39;s why…but, next time I&#39;ll use honey (didn&#39;t have any on hand). Also, I used wheat germ and dark chocolate chips.<br /><br />

    1. Andie Thueson says:

      Yummy!!! They sound fantastic!

  3. Oh my goodness, I needed this post! So bad at making sure I eat enough & I loved all of these ideas!

  4. wilhelmina says:

    It can be so hard to eat on the go! These are great options!

  5. Donna Burke says:

    5 stars
    Great information and so helpful. I just sent this to my sister in law too.

  6. Matt Taylor says:

    These are all awesome healthy snacks to have. I always like to have almonds in my house and bananas. I eat a lot of bananas!

  7. 5 stars
    So happy to have this list of healthy ideas for on the go! We always take skinny pop and trail mix!

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    Snacking while on the go is my jam, so I Love all these great ideas! Thanks for the healthy options.

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    Great post – so many healthy ideas, Thanks!

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