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Filing for a Food Divorce

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Although the thought of a food divorce may seem funny or odd, sometimes it’s exactly what needs to happen to meet your goals. I really believe that to maintain long term weight loss you should never feel like you are exiling any one food group. But with that being said. Sometimes you need to dig deep and ask yourself the question, what food or foods cause me to lose control? If you can answer that question… you’re getting closer to knowing exactly what food(s) you need to divorce! For me personally, my gateway drug is donuts! For some reason anytime I have them it unleashes the inner “binger” in me and one doughnut becomes 3 or 4 and then that leads to wanting more and more sweets and I am no longer in control. It’s a BAD relationship that needs to end!

Sometimes a clean break is what ya need!

Ron and Tammy

Like Ron Swanson’s relationship with his ex Tammy — Donuts and I can only end very badly! So  just like any bad relationship it’s still tough to walk away and be completely honest with yourself. It’s hard to admit that any one food has that much power over you. But I promise you that once you walk away and recognize the issue you will be stronger for it!

Avoid Kryptonite

So be SMART remember to not only resist temptation AVOID it! Sometimes that can be easier said than done! Ask for help from friends and family and END it!

Doughnuts and I are officially divorced and I am much happier because of it! 🙂

What food do you need to divorce!? It’s so different for everyone!

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  1. Many people say all things in moderation, but I totally agree that for me some, foods are just a gateway trouble My triggers are buttercream icing and ice cream. Dang sweet tooth.

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