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How To Track Your Health With Tinke


This post brought to you by Zensorium,. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Maybe I Will.

Monitoring your health is a big part of being fit and healthy! Sometimes you won’t always see improvement on the scale or even sometimes in your measurements. This can be really discouraging and can lead to feelings of failure! But let’s face it being healthy is NOT about a number on a scale and it’s NOT about looking cut and sexy. It’s about being a better you and having better quality of life!! Yes those things are fun and can add motivation! But at the end of the day I am more empowered by being HEALTHY and more able to have energy to keep up with my kids and increase the quality of my life! I workout and take care of myself so that I am HEALTHY! But how can you measure and but a number on that!?! It’s a tricky one! Tinké from Zensorium has just introduced  a new and fun tool to do just that!

Measure your overall health NOT a number on a SCALE!!


Knowing your breaths per minute, your heart beats per minute and your oxygen levels can give you a really accurate gauge of your health picture and it’s a great place to measure and see improvements as you begin to exercise and become more fit. This little Tinké is awesome! You just put your thumb on the scanner and it will give you an immediate read out of these measurements! And you can save and track your improvement as you go! You can win badges for completing health tasks and by showing improvements so you’re competing against yourself to improve! You can also link your account to friends and family to help and encourage each other! It will also guide you on knowing what some good ranges are for your age, weight,and height. I love how Tinké is making these very telling gauges so available! For a really reasonable price you can start to measure these numbers which mean SOOO much more than a number on a dumb scale!

Really all you need to get going with your Tinké is to first of course buy one. They are available on Amazon or on Zensorium’s website. And don’t you fret Droid folks they have one for you as well! Then download the FREE app and set up your account! Easy Peasy! Then to measure your “Vita” just put your thumb on the scanner and wait for about a minute! It really is super cool! According to Tinké my vitals are looking strong! Must be all that running and working out! These numbers actually mean way more to me than the numbers on the dang scale! These numbers mean my heart and lungs and Oxygen levels are strong and healthy! That’s a win! You can even set it up on different devices! So my hubby can measure his Vita as well.

Another really cool feature of the Tinké is the ability to measure your Zen! I stink at meditation, I’m really BAD! My mind is always racing and sitting down and relaxing are actually really hard for me! But I have been trying to measure my Zen daily, by taking a moment to relax and calm my breathing by focusing on the bouncing dots on my phone via the Tinké app,  then it measure how well I did to calm myself… So far I have improved slightly but I am still not scoring very High at all! lol – Hey everyone has their areas of “struggle” ;). I have been doing the Zen exercises before bed to help me calm my crazy and it has really been helping!

Your health is your greatest asset! Make sure you are working to improve!

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