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10 Reasons You Need To Try MrOwl

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10 Reasons you need to try the new social media sharing site MrOwl! It is a new and fun way to connect and discover the best of the internet!

I know, I know another social media site, really?

As a person who devotes A LOT of time connecting on social media I too kind of felt the same way, if I am being completely honest…. Which is something I always strive to be in all my posts!

But I kept seeing MrOwl pop-up, and a few of my blogging friends who are on the internet as much as I am kept telling me to check it out. Like many of you – I am busy and I kept leaving it on my “to do” list to check out!

So it was completely serendipitous that MrOwl reached out to me to give it a try! This was my “sign” to finally take the time to check it out!

I am so glad that I did!

MrOwl is a very neat and fun way to organize and share your favorite finds on the internet because let’s face it-the internet is meant for sharing!

So to help you see how cool MrOwl is I thought it would be fun to share a top 10 list, David Letterman style! 😉 Remember those days??! – Now those were lists that were shareable!

10. MrOwl is a fun, new FREE technology…that’s a HOME for all of your interests… No matter what you’re into you can create a way for like-minded friends to find you and connect!

9. Collaborate on topics you love. Find new interests and get inspired. You can collaborate with friends and build the ultimate collection of find regarding your favorite topic, for instance, favorite workouts!

8. Join a connected community curated by REAL people like you. MrOwl is all about connections around interests and topics! Find people who are just as passionate about things as you are!

7. Find exactly what you’re looking for with MrOwl’s unique search and organize all your content in ONE easy place. The searchability is top notch!! It is super easy to find exactly what you are looking for!

6. Let your imagination guide you and see your interests come to life. Really the sky is the limit when it comes to building a “branch” on your favorite topics! Creativity is such an important part of being human this is a fun and new way to let that side of you out!

5. Organize projects and plan all within MrOwl! Invite friends to help you find all the right recipes and decorating ideas to help plan the perfect soiree

4. Holiday Planning is a cinch! Create a private branch and invite family members to contribute and share recipes!

3. Find Inspiration! Need some ideas on what to do to workout? Follow my Workouts Branch! It is a very convenient way to find my personal favorites all in one place. Grab some of my favorites and add them to your branch so they are always right there to find!

2. Solve the dilemma of what’s for dinner! Check out my Healthy Recipes Branch and let the dinner planning begin!

1. At the end of the day, MrOwl is just a FUN and did I mention a FREE way to create, organize, collaborate and share the best of the internet!

You’re going to Love MrOwl and I hope you take the time to come find me and follow me on MrOwl I am so excited to have another fun way to connect and share with my awesome readers!

You can find me as @andiethues on MrOwl, so what are you waiting for Sign Up! now! All you need to to do is Download the MrOwl app to get started it’s that simple! 

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