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How To Use Human Design In Your Coaching Practice


A six-week training that will enable and empower you on How To Use Human Design In Your Coaching Practice! Take your practice to the next level!


If you are a coach and want to add another amazing tool to your tool belt – this training is for you! Human Design is a fantastic tool that will help you better understand your clients on an energetic level. As a Human Design reader and life coach, I have seen firsthand how integral understanding my clients’ charts can be! Each of us is so energetically different, and my goal within this six-week container is that you leave the training feeling confident that you can look at your client’s chart, understand their chart, and help guide them based on their unique “owner’s manual.”

Andie sitting at her computer getting ready for her Deep Dive Training -How To Use Human Design In Your Coaching Practice

Each Week, we will spend 1-2 hours reviewing a Human Design concept from the lens of how to use this information in a coaching environment. For example, as we chat about each energetic type – we will discuss some of the programming each energetic type may need help overcoming and how to help guide them!

This will be a very small group – (Only 10 spots will be available). 

An outline of the curriculum – digital workbooks and training manual will be provided! 

  • Week One – Human Design Basics, Anatomy of a Chart >To help you have a strong foundation and understanding of human design before we move on to more in-depth topics.
  • Week Two – Energetic Types + Strategy + Themes>To help you understand the fundamentals of each energetic type, the core wounds, and how to help them navigate and reframe them.
  • Week Three – Authority > To help you understand how your clients best make decisions
  • Week Four – Incarnation Crosses + Profile Lines> To help you understand your client’s unique energetic imprint and “special sauce” they should bring into the world.
  • Week Five– Centers + Gates > This will be immensely helpful in guiding your clients through unlearning and deconditioning and helping them tap into their tool belt of gifts!
  • Week Six -The Primary Health System -We Will wrap up by going over the four arrows. SOOOO much wealth of understanding about how your clients function best is within the information held within the four arrows!
  • BONUS -Week Seven – Circle back and review any areas the group would like more information, guidance, and best practices for connecting to your clients’ guides and being a clear channel during your sessions.

 Training will begin the Week of September 11th and Conclude The Week of October 23rd. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with some available times, and based on the majority, I will choose a time that is most accommodating for all. Each class will be recorded and a copy sent – but I recommend attending each class live to get the most out of the program. The classes will be held via Zoom.

The investment for this initial course is $1,111. This is an introductory course price since you will be my first class! 

This will be a fun and very hands-on training course – please come ready to learn and ask LOTS of questions – I want you to be able to walk away from this course CONFIDENT in your Human Design Chart Reading Skillz.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me directly via DM on Instagram or email at an[email protected] -If needed, a payment plan can be arranged.



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