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The Best Motivational Music for Running

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Some of my greatest memories are tied to good motivational music. It’s amazing how much music is linked to our mood and memory… Motivational Music can have a crazy transforming effect. Last summer I signed on to run the Bone to Back a 40 mile relay race with some girlfriends. I was assigned to run at about 12 noon with a couple pretty steep hills and very little down hill breaks. I tagged off from the previous runner and got down to it! It was stinking hot!!! I was dying, as I set my iPod to shuffle and put feet to pavement. That dang shuffle must of thought I was in a mellow chill mood cause it kept playing John Mayer and Dave Matthews!! The music was literately sucking the life out of me. Don’t get me wrong John and Dave are a couple of my fav guys but not when I’m trying to survive a 5 mile run in the blistering heat. Did I mention how much I hate the controls on the iPod shuffle headphones. I kept trying to double click past the snooze fest and on to one of my more motivational running jams… It kept wanting to pause or replay the song not skip it!! I was getting pretty frustrated, it was going to be a long five miles if this was the case. Finally after a couple very long and slow miles I finally got a break and some better jams came on lifting me out of my doldrums and into a quicker pace! I finished my leg with as much gusto as I could manage in the crazy heat  jamming out to some Katy Perry firework! Much better! So I ask the question? What are some of your favorite jams for getting your work out on!!?! I have listed a couple of my favorite workout playlists!! But feel free to list some of yours! Motivational Music can inspire and increase your performance and make that run or workout that much more bearable!
In fact there are real stats out there that prove Motivational Music can help you ROCK your next run!
Picking just the right motivational music can make all the difference on your next run!!

Here are some websites I like that are totally dedicated to work out mixes!!!

BPM Data base 

Both are designed so you can pick your BPM – beats per minute – want motivational music to keep you on pace for a 7 minute mile… you can find just the right songs that will do just that!

The Ultimate Printable Running Playlist

To Print this awesome Motivational Music Playlist just right click and hit “save as”

Running Essentials

Garmin 220– The day I started running with my Garmin was life changing!! Seriously if you don’t have one, you’re missing out! It helps push me to beat my PR and keep pace!

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt- I love this light weight belt! It stores my iPhone 6, keys and water!

YurBuds – Are the BEST – they stay put even on my longest runs! They are definitely a MUST for runners!


  1. Pearl Girl says:

    Don't forget Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys. I thought I was done one day and when that came on I went another 20 minutes full speed. So now I flip to it whenever I feel like giving up. lol CUTE BLOG ANDIE

    1. Andie Thueson says:

      That is a good one!! I&#39;ll have to add it to my rotation!! Thanks! <br />

  2. Hi Andie – I will not confirm nor deny if I sign I’m Sexy and I Know it at the top of my lungs while running. If I can hear the music… don’t really care what the neighbors think. Tee hee…

    1. lol Holly! Such a good running jam!

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