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Protein Shake Recipe Book


Bust the boredom of protein shakes with this protein shake recipe book! Filled with over 52+ delicious protein shakes that you will love!


What is the Protein Shake Recipe Book all about?
Protein shakes can get boring REALLY fast. I learned that fairly quickly when I first started my weight loss journey. Although they were “boring,” protein shakes were a big part of my success. They offered a complete meal that would help me feel full and power my days.

Image of Andie's Protein Shake Recipe Book filled with over 52+ delicious protein shake recipes.
*Andie’s Protein Shake Recipe Book is filled with over 52+ delicious protein shake recipes.

Feeling full was always an issue when I had tried to lose weight in the past. Protein shakes offered an extra kicker of protein first thing in the morning, made ALL the difference, and kept me from snacking all morning long.

But again, they can get boring fast, and I love to mix things up, and I am a creator. So I took the concept of a daily protein shake and created a new flavor every week for an entire year; it was one of my first ever series on It was a success. My readers loved seeing a new flavor revealed every week.

This protein shake recipe book is a compilation of all those tasty protein shake recipes I created, plus a few extras I have created since! This protein shake recipe book will help you bust the boredom and enjoy healthy and sustainable weight loss. Protein is essential for healthy fat loss and building lean muscle mass. I promise too much protein will not bulk you up. It will actually help you lean out and get that toned and tight body you are going for.

As my gift to you for your purchase today, you will get a FREE guide to my protein, so you’ll know how much protein your body needs for optimal fat loss.

What Others Are Saying About “Easy Protein Shake Recipes”  

” My absolute favorite is the chocolate peanut butter!! It’s like drinking dessert; only I don’t feel guilty; I crave it! I can also load it with green veggies, and it doesn’t change the flavor. ” — Megan S. 

“Andie is a creative genius! Every shake is unique and will help you curb a craving without an ounce of guilt!” – Margie M. 

“Pineapple Whip Protein Shake – It’s like Hawaii in your mouth! I love anything pineapple, and I even added my own twist by using coconut water. Either way, you can’t go wrong. ” – Allison T. 

” I love Strawberries Gone Wild. It tastes so fresh, and it’s the perfect post-workout pick-me-up. My favorite!” -Marci B. 


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