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The Ultimate Fitness Starter Pack


Whether you are just starting or a seasoned pro, this Ultimate Fitness Starter Pack will help you on your journey!


Challenges are a great way to push yourself and change your life. I have always loved a good challenge; in fact, I wrote a book on challenges! I often receive emails from my lovely readers asking for extra guidance on their journey to building a healthier version of themselves. So I thought I would round up all the resources I have created and put them together in one place. Here is that creation. “Ultimate Fitness Starter Pack”  to help kick-start your journey!

Screenshot of all the eBooks and guides included in the Ultimate Fitness Starter Pack


The Ultimate Fitness Starter Pack Includes the following: 

  • Guide to Clean Eating – recipes and practical tips to help the whole family eat cleaner!
  • Girlfriend’s Guide To Protein – Protein is a big part of shifting body composition, especially as we age. This guide will help you find the tastiest and easiest ways to up your protein intake.
  • 30-Day Joy Journal– Gratitude is the key to finding joy regardless of your life. This journal helps you to shine a light on all the beauty in your life and helps you to celebrate your wins! If you want to shift your life, this journal will help!
  • Powerful Affirmations for Body Love + Weight Loss – I am statements POWERFUL, and how we speak about our body matters. Use these affirmations to help you to shift your mindset and embrace your beautiful body!
  • The Best Garden Recipes – Some of my favorite recipes from the garden or ‘produce section if you’re not a Gardner! Fun ways to sneak more veggies in.
  • Guide To Healthy Eating – This helps you choose healthier options and see how carbs, proteins, and fats work together.
  • 30-Day Couples Challenge – A Fun way to challenge a spouse or partner
  • Guide To What To Drink For Weight Loss – What and how much you drink matters! In this guide, I go over some tips for drinking more water.
  • Guide To Building An Exercise Routine -Build a better workout with this guide! – A choose-your-own-adventure guide to fitness
  • Creating A Healthy Relationship With Food – Most of us have a MESSED-up relationship with food; let’s heal that!
  • Learning To Love Yourself – Your most important relationship is with yourself. Learn to love who you are, and all your other relationships will improve.
  • Guide To Meditation – My best tips and resources for meditating!
  • Guide To Supplements + Vitamins – Some basic information and help with supplements
  • Guide To Tracking Progress – It is way more than a number on a scale – my tips on what number you should be tracking!
  • Guide To Using My Fitness Pal – My Fitness Pal is my favorite tracking app; I go over how to use it to track your macros.
  • Guide To Calculating Your Macros – This guide will help you learn how to calculate your Macros and adjust as your weight changes.

Whether you are just starting out or well on your way to better health and wellness, this HUGE stack of eBooks and guides will help you on your journey!

Upon purchasing, you will be able to download all these amazing materials!

This is a great companion for my 75 days of ‘semi-hard’ challenge – get the rules and your free tracker here!


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