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10 Exercises You Should Re-Embrace From Your Childhood!

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Do you remember those days as a kid where you played all day, almost to the point of exhaustion? You played and played until your Mom MADE you come inside to eat dinner. Some of my best childhood memories involve just being outside; racing the neighbor kids, riding my bike to the neighborhood pool, and playing tag until we could barely see. Those were the days! Days full of life and fun! Sometimes it is really easy to  get so wrapped up into being “fit” and going the gym and checking off this exercise or logging so many minutes on the treadmill that the fun and joy of moving our bodies is completely stripped away and it becomes a chore. Don’t get me wrong if you want the bod, you gotta do the work!!! It’s that simple! But I propose taking time out to PLAY and make your next workout a fun one!! So I’m bringing childhood fitness back!! (said in my best Justin Timberlake Falsetto) You’ll have fun! But you’ll also get a killer workout! Check out my “MOVES”…. as my son always says. 🙂

1. Army Crawl…Whether your nine months or thirty something the army crawl is a great way to build your core and strengthen arms and legs. Have fun with it and get the kids involved! Boston I loved “racing”!

2. Bear Walks….Awake that grumpy inner bear and walk it out!
3. Crab Walks… OK these may seem “harmless” but man oh man your arms are gonna feel it tomorrow. 
4. Don’t Step On A Crack… Or you’ll break your mamas back! I dare you not to have to fun jumping and balancing on one leg. 

 5. Jump It Out…Get on the tramp and jump!! My kids love it when I get on there with them! Play games! Enjoy it! This is Great Cardio!

6. Jumping Rope…OK so this one might not be that “out there” but instead of channeling your inner boxer, channel your inner child and sing a little rhyme! Grab a longer rope and maybe even try double dutch?!? 

7. Foot Races…This one probably takes me the most back! I remember sizing up my component and running full out pumping my short legs as fast as they would carry me, then almost collapsing at the end  in a feat of (two times out ten) VICTORY! 
8. Step Ups… Am I the only one who did these as a kid?!? I would do these all the time waiting for my bus to come! 

9. TAG! Freeze tag, cartoon tag, toilet tag, anyway you liked to play… Tag your it!!! No Tag Backs!!!

10. Tug O War… I’m sure memories of summer camp and family reunions are flooding back. This awesome little arm workout is super fun!

Well there you have it folks! Take a break from the gym, put the DVDs away for a day and PLAY!!!! What are your favorite childhood exercises?!? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Rachel {RandR Workshop} says:

    Love all of these Andie!! Totally pinning this :)<br />

  2. McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam says:

    I LOVE this post! Brilliant!

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