Welcome, I am so excited you are here! 

This losing weight and getting healthier game can be tough. 

There are a million voices yelling at you, what you should and should not do. It can feel maddening! 

It’s easy to become confused, frustrated, worn out and want to just give up.

But I promise dear friend there is a better way and it still involves carbs. You darling, deserve to live a life filled with food you love and to rock a body you are proud of. Losing weight should not be so dang hard and complicated — it should be simple, easy, and dare I say, fun! 

The Maybe I Will community was created back in 2013 as a safe place to get real answers to your health and wellness questions. I wanted to create a place on the internet that talked about losing weight and getting healthier from a place of love and joy instead of hate, fear, and shame. 

What My Lovely Readers are Saying 

Hi! I love this blog. You are honest and eloquent. Thanks for these great ideas and your clear-minded advice about healthy living. I am giving this one a try! Thanks! -Eloise

Andie – you are seriously so inspiring!! I keep reading all of your posts on my phone. -Shatzi

Take a minute and Imagine yourself staring in the mirror and genuinely loving the person staring back at you! Loving YOURSELF and being proud of who you have become! 

When you become a member of the Maybe I Will community, you’ll be empowered to take clear action to a healthier, happier, and more fit you! 

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About Me: (Andie) 

10 years ago, I remember looking in the mirror and feeling completely defeated, the image staring back at me was a woman I no longer recognized. 

I was 40 lbs overweight, had no energy and seemed to lack the lucky “gene” for motivation and will power. I had tried everything and while my weight would fall off, it would quickly climb right back on. I was at a loss as to how to make REAL changes in my life. I wanted to lose the weight and find myself again. 

I was sick and tired of fad diets that never worked. I was overwhelmed with all the information out there and was totally confused. 

A nerd at heart, I went to work researching and trying to simplify the mountains of information I kept finding. I became obsessed with finding the truth about what actually worked and what was total hype. I also became a NASM Ceritified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist to ensure that I fully understood the way our bodies work and how nutrition can empower us!

Along the way, I not only lost the 40lbs, but I also discovered my most valuable lesson to date: how to truly love who I am and know that my worth is far greater than any number on a scale. From this newfound place of love, I would love to help guide you, my lovely reader, on your journey to a happier and healthier version of YOU! 

You’ve got this, no “maybe” about it! 


Health and wellness should also be fun, friend! Check out my BIG book of challenges with 60 -30-day challenges to help you shake things up and make your wellness journey fun! I am a firm believer in having joy in the journey. >> BOOK

What Others Are Saying: 

Andie has been exactly what I need. She motivates, encourages, and helps you succeed! -Megan

Andie is the best weight loss coach because she has been where you are, she knows what you are going through and knows how to get you through the hard days. She has done a lot of weight-loss diets and failed too! It might be overwhelming to even think about losing weight right now but I promise Andie takes that feeling away and replaces it with so much confidence!-Carly

I love the practical encouragement (and laughs) from Maybe I Will! -Jennifer 

You can do this, and I want to help you get there! If you have any questions or want to celebrate your wins, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me, {andie (at) andiethueson.com } or reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook. I can’t wait to get to know you! 

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