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5 Supplements to Help Support a Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet

If you have not started to hear the buzz that is starting to getting louder and louder around the web about the amazing results people are seeing from following a ketogenic diet – then you might want to get out a bit more… LOL

The Ketogenic lifestyle is continuing to gain serious momentum as more and more people gravitate to this lifestyle change.

It is a very effective way to maximize weight loss and see serious results.

The Ketogenic diet is designed to help you shift your body from burning glucose {created from carbohydrate intake} as the main source of energy and fuel to burning fat for fuel and energy  – this shift is revered to as Ketosis. – VERY simply put. If you want to read more in-depth scientific research and information – check this article out on

When making the shift from being a “glucose burner” to a “fat burner,” these key supplements will help you make a smoother transition.

Ketogenic Diet

  1. Caffeine:   Your body has been trained for fast fuel – Sugar and Carbohydrates break down very quickly and provide energy instantaneously. When you make the switch to being a fat burner, the switch is going to take some time. And you are going to feel sluggish and slow in the mean time. Caffeine will help you bridge the gap. But I promise once your body has fully transitioned to being a fat burner- you will have more energy and stamina than ever before!! Being a fat burner is the best energy source ever! 😉 Try a Pre-Workout Fuel, Fat Burner, Coffee, or tea in the interim.
  2. Supplement Your Greens: Once you transition to getting 75% of your calories from fat the obvious lack of greens can be a serious issue. Make sure that you are including them in your diet and supplementing them in as well. Try adding greens in your eggs, or to a shake. I had a TBS of Now Foods Green PhytoFoods into my protein shakes to help supplement. – Let’s face it no matter what dietary standards you have adopted you are more than likely not getting enough veggies into your diet.
  3. MCT OilAKA brain fuel. MCTs are a unique source of fat because they are transported directly to the liver, which uses them to make ketone bodies. Ketone bodies are a readily available source of fuel for the brain and muscles. Substituting pure MCTs for other dietary fats throughout your day can help you make the transition smoothly, while also providing steady energy. Helping you to transition more quickly into fat burning mode!


    NOW MCT Oil
  4. Fiber: When you are cutting carbs, an obvious lack of fiber may be an issue. To help keep things moving adding a good Fiber supplement will help to make sure things keep moving. 😉 Nuff said on that one… lol
  5.  Electrolytes:  If you have been doing any research at all I am sure you have come across what is called the “Keto Flu” which can happen in the first days to weeks while making the switch from glucose burner to being a fat burner – for some, it lasts just a few days while for others the transition take a bit more time. Making sure that your body is properly hydrated and including foods high in electrolytes is key to helping to offset headaches, nausea, and other flu-like symptoms. So make sure you are drinking enough water this will help to curb cravings for carbohydrates as you are cutting them from your diet. Adding electrolytes will ensure that your sodium and potassium levels stay at a healthy level.

The biggest thing to remember is to have patience with yourself! This is a big switch to make! The Benefits of a Ketogenic diet go well beyond losing weight. Stayed tuned as I provide more information and resources to help you navigate the switch to a Ketogenic lifestyle.

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  1. I have been (mostly) keto for 2.5 years and I love it!! My digestion and skin is 100 times better. I don’t eat as many meals and feel fuller longer. It’s awesome. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!

    1. It has been a complete game changer for me as well!!

  2. Hi Andie, thanks for the supplement recommendations. My aunt is on a ketogenic diet and she’s lost almost 20 lbs in a few months. I haven’t tried it myself but I will remember your tip about drinking coffee or tea and taking the MCT supplement.

  3. Hi, seems something different which I have tried before. I will check more reviews about Ketogenic diet on INTERNET. Thanks for your suggestion.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Thank you for sharing supplements for the keto diet in this article. I read it and I’m interested to know more about the supplements. Keep sharing more like this. Truly helpful to those in their fitness journey.

  5. Thank you for sharing supplements for the keto diet in this article. I read it and I’m interested to know more about the supplements. Keep sharing more like this. Truly helpful to those in their fitness journey.

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