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7 Reasons Why A Man’s Garage Can Help His Overall Health

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A man’s garage may be his “domain” but it can have a BIG impact on his overall health and well being.

Sitting on the deck working on a writing project, summer sun warming my bones, I suddenly had a craving for watermelon. This desire for enjoying the juicy goodness of watermelon became an immediate necessity. Obsessed I closed the computer, hopped up and decided I had to go to my local grocery store to get my favorite summer food.

Grabbing the keys, I opened the door to the garage and instantly felt this sense of ‘all is well in the world’. There the car sat, gleaming with all maintenance attended to. I smiled and scanned the garage. Workbench uncluttered. Garden tools hung neatly in rows. Camping supplies sitting on the shelf ready for the next adventure. Lawnmower stored by extra fuel cans. Paint, rollers, brushes, and tarps together for future projects. Bikes, tires inflated, helmets at hand begging to go for a ride. All was clean and orderly. Oh yeah, life is good!

You know the feeling I am describing, the feeling of having our spaces, whether homes, yard, sheds or garages, clean and orderly, that brings a warm sensation of well-being that fills the soul. Most men love this feeling so much, that the image of a well-organized garage is believed to be one of the last pictures that flash before a man’s eyes on his deathbed.

A tidy garage is a testament that men can clean and organize. Yet interestingly there is a weird assumption turned widely popular clique, that “neat and tidy” are a female affair. Not so. Men and women may have different cleaning styles and priorities but in the end cleanliness and order are not predominantly a trait of one gender or the other.

A man's garage may be his "domain" but it can have a BIG impact on his overall health and well being.

I think wanting to keep things clean and orderly is more a matter of our being aware that we are stewards over the ‘things’ in our lives. To be a steward is someone who is accountable to manage, arrange, care for, look after and keep order of persons, property or possessions.

Growing this awareness and cultivating a desire to be the best steward we can be, increases the degree and sense of cleanliness that appears to most separate any two people.

Benjamin Disraeli, once said, ‘Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.’

This quote finely illustrates that cleanliness and order are a learned behavior. Men learn about and cultivate a taste for cleanliness and order first; playing in the sandbox, then keeping their room neat, and eventually graduating to cleaning the garage. Through this evolution, they cultivate a taste for great things. Men sense that keeping the garage sharp is more satisfying than keeping the living room dusted and vacuumed. Ladies note the difference–not less important, less satisfying.

Reviewing the list of reasons why men benefit from keeping the garage in tip-top shape will put in words why most men feel so fond of the garage. And hopefully discovering that cleanliness and order to have a place in a man’s heart will assure the women in their lives that they will (eventually) use their highly cultivated taste for refinement to clean the kitchen and help put away the laundry.

1. Mentally Awake

Indiana University researchers learned that a clean house/garage is essential for good mental health. The study tracked the mental health of their case subjects and observed that individuals with the cleanest habits were stronger mentally than those with spaces that had excessive clutter and uncleanliness. Good thing long before ‘research’ was invented, men already knew keeping the garage in order absolutely keeps them thinking sharp, mentally prepared and keeps their moods elevated.

2. Physically Strong

Keeping the garage and home clean aids in keeping the body healthy and strong. How? Regular cleaning sessions help get you moving, stretching, lifting, pulling, pushing and in a variety of other positions that a circus contortionist would envy. All of which adds up to keeping you fit and healthy.

3. Reduces Harmful in House Toxins.

We are surrounded by chemicals, from fluffy rugs and cushy couches to plastic containers we eat out of. Now think about the garage! Windshield wiper fluid, fuel containers, oil, car soaps and waxes, solvents and paints. Get the picture?

The Environmental Protection Agency released a statement that said indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Which helps understand the need to regularly clean our garages to reduce the number of molds, dust, rodent droppings and pollen build up. With the encouragement to clean more I also add a caution because using cleaning products involves a serious interaction with chemicals. The harsh cleaning products we use every day can lead to very real health issues. Consider using organic cleaning products or home-made products to keep your house free from such toxins. Use this link for ideas… Upgrade you cleaning today, order using this product code…

4. Reduces effects of Allergies

In addition to toxins, there are a host of things that can contribute to your becoming more susceptible to allergies. Ever seen the garage full of old molding grass from the mower, unkempt hairy dog mats, litter boxes, mouse poop, a bag of old potatoes etc, etc? All of these and more may cause allergic reactions. In order to prevent allergies, cleaning the garage is essential. Take this to the next level by getting rid of any clutter, sweeping the corners for cobwebs and cleaning the walls with a mild disinfectant at least once a month.

5. Reduces Stress

A man likes that everything has a place and everything is in its place. That brings a tremendous sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. Unlike the chaotic unpredictable world, a man can create within his garage space where he feels in control. Within the walls of the garage, things make sense and he feels safe, all of which work together to decrease his stress levels. And that makes for one happy man.

6. Increases Productivity

Another great benefit to keeping the garage clean and orderly is a man is more productive. Endless studies have shown that people who live and work in clean, orderly environments will be more single-minded and systematic in their work. This allows them to produce greater results. Increased results cause men to feel accomplished, living their purpose and overall highly successful. And this too makes for one happy man.

A man's garage may be his "domain" but it can have a BIG impact on his overall health and well being.

7. Saves Money

Last but not least, a clean, orderly garage saves money. The logic is, when you take care of your property and possessions, they require fewer repairs and are replaced less often. Then there are the nuts, bolts, screws, nails, rolls of tape, tarps, tacks, and tie wraps that when organized not only save time by not having to hunt for them but also the expense involved with a last minute trip to the store for a misplaced item. And we all know how happy a man is when he saves money.

The above benefits are only a few of the ways a man’s life is better when the garage is in tip-top shape. In all seriousness, the elevating benefits of cleanliness and order extend beyond the garage, they actually extend to every space in our lives. And can make a difference in every person’s life no matter their gender. Making the time to create a sense of order and cleanliness in our personal spaces can lead to an increase of good energy in every part of our lives.

I invite you to relook at your efforts to clean and organize your living and workspaces. Put this at the top of the to-do list and start enjoying the enormous benefits of health that men enjoy in their clean garages across this great country every day.

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  1. Not only is this incredibly accurate, but every man needs a man cave, garage or work shop. I honestly feel it is utterly necessary not only for his physical health but more importantly his mental health. I have been without either of these for about 4 years. And I go nuts…absolutely stir crazy at times. There is only so much a Mandan do on or around his yard and home until he needs to tinker, fix or build something. And without an ability to do this…if only for himself.

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