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Brazilian Butt Lift Review


I love workout videos! I love the idea of working out in the privacy of my home. It’s nice to have the option of just sticking a DVD in and getting my workout on without having to drive to the gym. I also love to buy workout DVDs, I have quite the collection. Variety right??!?? Awhile ago I was up late and saw an infomercial for Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift -- This REALLY is the best program for shaping your bum and slimming those thighs!!!

Sorry for the poor picture quality but this was my bum after completing BBL! Man it was high and tight and looking good… better get back to work 😉

It looked intriguing and fun so I thought I’d give it a go. Their program is designed to be a 30 day challenge. So with excited anticipation I awaited the arrival of my DVDs. I started day one by doing the pencil test… You pretty much put a pencil under your bum cheek and if it stays put you don’t have enough lift and you need help. If it falls to the ground you have great lift and you passed. Easy enough concept. (Just for the record I passed it after week one!! Woot Woot!!)  So the idea is to lose weight from your bum and firm and lift it. You had me at firm and lift. I am by nature a curvy gal. I have to work my arse off to stay at a size 2. To work my way down to a 0, some level of starvation is required. So I stay a happy size 2 and I work out and watch what I eat to stay there. But the point I was trying to make was that when I gain weight it is in my hips , thighs and buttocks. So this seemed right up my ally… There are four “programs” included that you can choose from. There is the Lift & Shape – for those of you gals that have a flat bottom. There is the Slim & Shape- for those of you who fall into the pear shape body type (this was me!), They also have a Slim & Lift entitled the “Too Big Solution” and Finally there is the Combination program for everybody else and for maintenance.

As you start your program you’ll come to know Leandro… The systems creator. Quite the character. He has a thick Brazilian accent and is a bit eccentric. But you come to love this odd guy as you go through the program… Spending 30 days of your life with this guy, will bond ya to him.

Brazillian Butt Lift

Each System includes the following DVDs which you’ll alternate depending on which program you choose.

Cardio Axe — Very Similar to Zumba – lots of  dancing – great workout NOT my personal fave
Tummy Tuck- Intense Abs – this one is a keeper!
Bum Bum – Is Leandro’s signature moves -very effective!! PS He calls your bootie your boom boom
High & Tight – Basically what it says exercises to keep things high and tight 😉 you’ll be sore
Sculpt -This one was my favorite because it incorporated all body parts and you use weights.
My Program also came with a Bonus Leandro’s Secret Weapon DVD — Holy Crap I think I couldn’t walk for a couple days.. Super crazy good workout!! One of those hurts so good ones!!

My personal experience:

I did BBL religiously for the recommended 30 days! The results were impressive I lost a total of 8 inches from my bum, hips, thighs and waist. Not too shabby for 30 days!! I worked really hard and it did get a little tedious towards the end. I think I like variety too much! I think it’s a great program and it does command results!! I did this over the summer for swimsuit season and didn’t take before and after pictures, just the crappy selfie posted above,  so my bad! I love the bit from dumb and dumber my husband and I are always quoting it. So give it a try and you never know some passerby might whistle and yell,  “look at the butt on that??!?” And hopefully they’ll be looking at you and not your hubby 😉

I did this initial review awhile ago and to-date this is STILL my favorite go to workout for bootay shaping. My husband STILL talks about how good my bum looked when I did these videos religiously! So I’ll be dusting my copu off and getting back to shaping my tush! As a pear shape my bottom half is for sure where I carry any weight gain. So it is always the hardest area for me to shape! This program is totally worth the investment! I was checking and they do have a masters series… Hmmm I might have to purchase that one next 😉 Y’know add to my ever growing collection.






  1. Jennifer Lindstrom says:

    Thanks for the review! Good to know that it actually works. I'll have to pass this on to some friends that have been wanting to try it.

  2. Great review. That’s fascinating results. I’ll have to give it a try.

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