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Crock Pot Cube Steak

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I grew up in Sunny Warm Arizona where on a really cold day in January it might get down into the forties. I remember freezing at this temperature!! We would go to see the Temple Lights at the Mesa LDS temple and you could always tell the locals from visitors. The locals were bundled up in big coats and gloves. The visitors were strolling around with light coats seeming as if  they were actually enjoying the weather… I always thought something was wrong with them! Why are they not freezing!!! Then it happened… I met and fell in love with a boy from Idaho, I followed my new love to his home town of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Boy was I in for a rude awakening!! Those first couple winters were rough!!! But overtime I became acclimatized… Now when I go home to Arizona and go see the Christmas Lights I am in a light coat no gloves strolling around enjoying the milder temperatures provided by an Arizona night. I always laugh inwardly at this.
This Idaho winter has been super harsh!! I am really missing my “freezing” forty degree winters. Today the high was 22 degrees so somewhat warmer than the single digit and negative temperatures we have been having! But on these cold days nothing is better than a warm stick to your ribs dinner! I found this recipe via Pinterest,  awhile back and it has become a part of our regular rotation. It is super easy to make and makes your home smell wonderful! It is the perfect dinner after a long cold day. It will help you warm right up! 


Crock Pot Cube Steak 
 2 Cans Cream of Mushroom Soup 
1 envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix 
Cube Steak – (Around 4-6 steaks)
Can of Mushrooms
Salt and Pepper to Taste 
Place Meat in Crock Pot — Sprinkle the packet of onion soup over meat add salt and pepper as desired. (Go easy on the salt, the packet and Soup have a lot already.)  Mix milk with cans of soup to thin out and make gravy consistency. Add canned mushrooms if desired. Then poor gravy over meat than cook on low all day. This is great over roasted potatoes, rice, noodles or it would be heavenly over my make ahead potatoes

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  1. Sarah Stevenson says:

    Thank you, a lovely recipe indeed. Steak is my favorite. My family loved it!

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