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What is the DNA Diet Plan?

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Every body is so different! Imagine knowing how your body’s DNA plays a role in how you lose weight. One company DNA Diet Plan is helping users do just that!

Diets in general completely fascinate me. 

You may have picked up on that over the years as I have tried various diet plans, detoxes, and unique “strategies”.

The one thing in common that I have come to know over the years of reading your emails and immersing myself in the studying of diets and trends – is that NO two bodies are alike. What might work wonders for me may have absolutely no effect or even an adverse effect for you. Each and every one of us is so unique and different that no one diet works for everyone. 

So when I heard that there was a diet that was compiled based on the results of your very own personal DNA- my spidey senses were a tingling! 

Imagine having a road map for weight loss based completely on YOU!! 

How cool is that! It is something I think is a long time coming and I am super pumped about. I am anxiously awaiting my very own personal results. 

Skeptical? Here is an example from my own personal life where a DNA test saved the day…

My oldest daughter recently has had some serious medical issues and the medicines they were prescribing was just not working. We tried medicine after medicine,  adjusting doses all with NO results. Her doctor finally requested she take a DNA test to see why we were having so many issues finding a medicine that would help to give her the relief she so desperately needed. 

When we got the results back I was floored – there was a laundry list of popular medicines that would not work for her, based on her unique DNA makeup. There was only a small list that would work for her. – Without this test, we would have spent months if not years trying to find just the right meds for her. Because of a DNA test we were able to fast track and get her on the right medicine for her body’s metabolism. 

Can you imagine, what having a break down of your very own DNA results would mean for your weight loss? 

The thought brings so much excitement for me and for YOU! I love the idea that you and I can stop “shooting in the dark” for a diet that will work for our unique chemical makeup and actually find something that fits our genetic makeup! 

DNA Diet Plan analyzes up to 20 Key Factors in weight loss and gives you real actionable guidance based on the findings of your personal DNA test! 

The first step is to get a DNA test completed – there are several test options out there but the 23andMe Ancestry and Health is the best choice for getting the nitty gritty on all the health issues that are woven into your DNA. 

Once you have your results back (typically 3-4 weeks) you can register for an account at DNA Diet Plan   Once you have registered they will take your results and help you make sense of the results and how the results have worked for and against you in past weight loss journies! Helping you to create a plan based on what works for your body! Can I get an Amen! Science is so dang cool! 

Here is a “Test” result so you can see what types of things may come up in your very own DNA Diet Plan Report 

Who knew that they could identify from your DNA if you have a predisposition for emotional eating – I would be shocked if my results came back negative on that one… Just saying the urge to turn to food for comfort is strong.

But with the knowledge that is part of who I am, I can take the knowledge and learn to make better choices.

Knowledge is King! And being well informed about our bodies and how they work is a HUGE help in the wellness category. 

DNA Diet Plan Includes All the Following: 

  • Science-based information on weight loss, healthy living, and genetics developed exclusively for DNA Diet Plan by Mayo Clinic
  • A weight loss profile including your genetic obesity risk
  • Insights into the relationship between DNA and weight loss 
  • Delicious meal plans with DNA-based food substitutions
  • Choice of standard weight loss or fasting options
  • Easy-to-use weight loss tracker to keep you on track
  • Quirky facts about your taste preferences
  • At-home exercise plans to boost fat loss
  • 12 week DNA Diet Plan to help support your weight loss

So if you have struggled with weight loss in the past and feel like you have been shooting in the dark trying to find something that works for YOU. Then DNA Diet Plan may be just the right thing for you. I will keep you updated on my individual results maybe we’ll be DNA twinsies! Ha 


  1. Love how specialized this is to each person!

  2. Beth Pierce says:

    WOW! It’s amazing to me what DNA can reveal about our health! This sounds like something I should look in to!

  3. Allyson Zea says:

    Wow this is so interesting I would love to give it a try!

  4. Becky Hardin says:

    Love how each plan breaks down for each person. So Interesting.

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