Free Human Design Chart- Grab Yours Now!

Photo of Andie looking over a free human design chart
Your Human Design Body Graph Chart is a tool to unlock your greatest potential.

I’m glad you’re here to grab your Free Human Design Chart! Human design has been a game-changer for me! Knowing your energy type helps unlock how you are best meant to interact with the world energetically.

Your Human Design Chart Will Show You The Following Information:

  • Your Energy Type, you will discover if you are a Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector
  • Your Strategy will show you how you best flow when co-creating with the Universe.
  • Your Inner Authority will show you how you best make decisions.
  • Your Personality Profile will show you an insight into your inner personality traits and what others see first when they meet you.
  • Incarnation Cross – Your “Special Sauce,” the energy you bring to all you do.
  • Environment – Where you will thrive the most
  • Your Life Themes – What are your “bumpers” to keep you aligned
  • Digestion – What your body needs energetically for optimal digestion
  • Your Strongest Sense – Your “Spidy” Gift
  • Motivation – What is the correct way to be propelled into action
  • Perspective- What are you meant to be paying attention to
  • Sense – How does your body tell you you are in alignment?

Every chart is unique and full of insights into how you were designed to appear in the world. I love to say Human Design shows us who we were meant to be before the world told us who we are. Think of your Human Design Chart as your “Owner’s Manual,” everything you need to know to help you step into the highest version of yourself.

Grab your free human design chart below and follow @therealandiethueson for more guidance and understanding! Or feel free to schedule an in-depth 1-1 chart reading to dive deep into all aspects of your human design chart.

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