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The Kaeng Raeng 3 Day Cleanse Review

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kaeng Raeng for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
It’s Detox Review Time!!! There’s nothing like a weekend rendezvous with my husband after a 7 week separation to know it’s time for a good detox! I’m sure I’ll be slipping into something a little more comfortable and looking good is kind of a big deal! — Sorry for the over share it’s been 7 weeks peeps!
Whether you have plans to meet up with your hubby, or you’re headed out for vacay and are planning on sporting your cute little bikini…a cleanse is a must! It will help rid your bod of all that excess gunk, making you feel and look sleek and sexy!
I was super stoked when I heard about this cleanse from Kaeng Raeng which in Thai means “Be Healthy, Be Strong” Something I firmly believe in!
Kaeng Raeng 3 Day Cleanse Review and Results

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So here’s the scoop and all the dirty little details from my 3 day Kaeng Raeng Cleanse!!
The Kaeng Raeng Cleanse – can be done as a 3 day, 6 day and in different levels — from beginner to seasoned detox veteran! — You can take this cool quiz to find the right one for you! quiz

In your packet you’ll get three delightful flavored drink packets, “Joyful” which is a strawberry, raspberry, pineapple. “Into The Blue” which is blueberry banana and “Day Break” which is mango, peach, pineapple. The drinks are Vegan, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, and Soy Free and they are made in the great state of California! — They are meant to be a meal replacement and are loaded with healthy good for you ingredients! So NO Preservatives, NO laxatives, and NO Stimulants!! And BONUS you are free to eat any raw fruits or vegetables while doing your cleanse! You’ll drink three drinks a day for the duration of your cleanse! Kaeng Raeng Natural Detox Cleanse can be found on Amazon.

Kaeng Raeng 3 Day Cleanse
So the drinks “as is”,  mixed with water alone are bland…But if we’re comparing it to other detox choices it tastes great! I’ve tried some nasty ones! The bonus here is you can mix it with fresh fruits and veggies to enhance the flavor! My favorite combo that I concocted was The “Into The Blue” — I added fresh strawberries and half a banana – then a touch of honey to add a little sweetness. It was good! On the first day of my cleanse I took my kids to the movies around lunch time so I just threw the mix in my blender bottle with an all natural mix in and drank it straight up! It is a little bit more grainy that way, but in a lurch it was good!

You know my biggest factor when considering detoxes is will I starve?!? And you most definitely will not!! I actually was really full after drinking my drink.. I would just sip on it while I was working at it kept me full!
Now the “dirt” you will pee a lot! And when you need to pee you will need to go quickly! Just a heads up. I didn’t have problems with excess “Cleansing”. (my lady like terminology)
And lastly and most importantly does it work?!?! My ruling is it does! I felt more sleek, and healthier after the detox! My skin looked amazing! I am ready to go see my MAN!
Also check them out on Facebook– so you can keep up to date on all the cleansing news! Kaeng Raeng on Facebook
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