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7 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires

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The law of attraction is the most powerful tool in manifesting your desires – knowing how it works and how it can help you, is key to using it your benefit.

I’m often blown away when I’m speaking to a group and I ask, by a raise of hands, who knows about the Law of Attraction. Sometimes A LOT of the crowd has never even heard about it. Really??? Wow! How is that possible?

Then I ask if anyone with their hand up can explain to me what the Law of Attraction is. Usually, I get answers like, “What you put out comes back” or “what you think about is what will happen.” Yes, these are both true but there’s a whole lot more to understanding this powerful law if you want to use it to your benefit.

If the Law of Attraction just meant that what we think about happens, that would be both awesome and VERY scary! I know I sometimes have some super crazy thoughts and thank Goodness they don’t manifest.

This universal Law of Attraction is really simple but not easy. At least it’s not easy at first because you must retrain your thinking. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20’s or 80’s, that’s a long time of thought pattern that you want to turn around. But with focus and commitment, you can see huge changes quickly because we are all powerful beings!

Manifesting chain= Thoughts→Visualizing→Speaking→Feelings→Beliefs→Let Go→Gratitude

  1. Thoughts – Become really aware of your thoughts and start to focus on things you want instead of things you don’t want. Sounds pretty simple right? Most people are hard-wired to have a loop going through their brain replaying all the things they DON’T want all day long. I’ll often ask people what they want and they’ll say “Well I don’t want a man that is gone all the time.” Or “I don’t want to be in debt anymore.” The universe doesn’t hear “no” or “don’t” so always focus on what you do want not what you don’t want. So you’d re-phrase those to “I am with a man who is present.” Or “I am financially free.”


  1. Visualizing – Taking even five minutes a day to intentionally visualize what you want is so powerful. We are visualizing all day long so why not do it with purpose? One of the main times we tend to visualize is while driving. Our subconscious mind takes over and we find ourselves in deep thought as we drive. Have you ever had a fight with someone when you were driving alone in your car and envisioning the whole scene? You might have even begun to cry because the fight got so real. Take the wheel of what you’re envisioning and make sure it’s things you want to become true.


  1. Speaking – The two most powerful words in the Universe are “I AM”. These words actually translate to mean God. Since we are all a part of God when we use the words “I AM” we are calling forth an energy that rises up to grant our commands. So be very mindful of what you say after these powerful words. Always speak in the present tense as if it already exists! If you’re trying to manifest and you say “I want” a certain thing, it keeps it just out of your reach. Speak as if you already have it.


  1. Feelings – Now after you’ve thought something and then begun to visualize and speak about it, it turns into feeling. Your subconscious mind can’t conceive whether an event is real or made up. I have people say to me, “Well how can I control how I feel if all this bad stuff is happening?” Then I have them try an exercise where they close their eyes and I have them visualize two different scenes. The first one is a scene that is not a good feeling. The second one is a good feeling scene. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything. We simply focused on something that made them feel good or bad.


  1. Believing – Once you’ve told yourself a story that made you strongly feel a certain way, it turns into a belief. It could be a completely false story you’ve made up and replayed over and over but now your mind conceives it as truth. For example, how is it possible for two adults to have grown up in the same home where one believes it was an abusive hell and one believes it was a beautiful upbringing? If you have a situation that you don’t like you must start to tell your brain a different story to get it to turn around.


  1. Let go – Once you have put in the work to change your thoughts, visual something beautiful, change your wording, focus on things that make you feel good and changed your beliefs about yourself and your life, now it’s time to let go! Go about the business of enjoying your life and don’t get frustrated when the things you want to manifest don’t show up when you think they should. That is what I call “choking the chi”. Chi is positive flowing energy and when you start to get discouraged it cuts off that positive flow. It (or something better) will show up, just let go and trust!


  1. Gratitude – When things you’ve been manifesting start to flow,  you need to pay attention and acknowledge them, even if those things seem small at first. The Universe loves a grateful heart and wants to send more! Imagine how you’d feel if you gave someone a gift and they ripped it open and then threw it on the floor and said: “what else did you get me”? Would you want to give them anything else? On the other hand, if they opened your gift and you felt their genuine thanks and appreciation, you’d want to give them more!

The Law of Attraction is beautiful in its simplicity. By taking some time every day to work through these steps, you can start to see the power of manifesting your desires in your own life.

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