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Me + EAS AdvantEdge =The perfect pair

Special Thanks to EAS AdvantEdge for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions expressed however are 100% my own. 

I am so excited to team up with EAS AdvantEADGE, an amazing brand which is as passionate as I am in empowering people everywhere to be their best!

Sometimes the world aligns just right, and two brands {ME + EAS AdvantEDGE} can find each other and team up to help spread our genuine excitement of helping empower people everywhere to make health and fitness in their lives a priority!

This little partnership has been in the works for months!! And now I can finally share with you dear readers, the fantastic news!


I am honored and over the moon excited to work with EAS AdvantEDGE! They care as deeply as I do when it comes to empowering you with the tools needed to help you reach your diet and weight loss goals.

One thing I am sure you have heard me mention time and time again is the need for more protein in our daily diet! It is the #1 mistake I find when I am coaching people 1-1!

Protein is so crucial to helping maintain a healthy weight!

When I first started trying to lose the weight I had carried around for so long, I like many of you “dieted” using a low fat and high carb diet.

It was until I finally started reading more and more and learned the importance of getting healthy lean proteins into my diet, that my body began to change, I became more lean and toned, way better than just being “skinny”!

But let’s face it, we are all BUSY and eating chicken all day can get boring real FAST!

Enter EAS AdvantEDGE  Carb Control – they are so good, and easy to grab and go and with  100 calories and a very impressive 17g of Protein, it’s like hitting the “easy” button on helping to supplement your protein intake!


So over the next few months, I will be sharing awesome recipes using EAS AdvantEDGE and of course some awesome workouts you can do anywhere to help you become lean and toned, without sacrificing your taste buds or your sanity! Becuase eating healthy and trying to lose weight does NOT have to be a chore or boring!!


  1. Went to my doctor totally blown away I’m down to 135 from 155 blood pressure is 90 over 60 and my cholesterol is 187. Never have had such an excellent report and I owe it all to the 3-day military diet I started the end of March I do the 3-day as listed and the rest of the four days I maintain 1200 calories a day and it’s really working I’m so ecstatic about my doctor’s report thank you so much and I’m 70 and a half and very active as well

    1. Carol, That is amazing! Congrats!! 🙂

  2. Christy Reynolds says:

    I just used an advantage edge carb control shake in place of milk to make chocolate biscuits. Not sure how they’ll turn out, but fingers crossed.

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