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The Best Treadmill Workouts


Get your run with the best treadmill workouts, all designed to-help torque calories and train smarter!

A couple years back if you would have asked me if I was a runner, I would have told you that if you ever saw me running you should call the cops because somebody was obviously chasing me. Then I would have busted up laughing because that’s funny. But then an even funnier thing happened. I actually tried running and much to my shock and surprise, I actually began to enjoy it. Say what?! Okay, not the first time because the first time I ran I thought I was going to die! But after awhile of forcing myself to run it got easier and I began to look forward to my runs.

One of the many benefits of being a runner is the time I get to spend outside. I am not a fan of treadmills but I am also-not a fan of running outside when it’s boiling hot or freezing cold. So by default, I have begun to rely on training on the treadmill for a good part of the year. I like to mix it up and make sure my time on the blasted thing is well spent so I am a HUGE fan of treadmill “workouts”. They keep me challenged and in great shape so when I can finally head back outside I can be prepared.

So here it is, My list of the best treadmill workouts! These treadmill workouts have all been tried and tested my ME!

#1 Andie’s Treadmill Shredder. Only 30 Minutes–yaaayyy!

  • 5 minute Warm Up Easy Walk 3.0-3.5 Warm Up
  • 2 minutes Easy Jog 5.5
  • 2 minutes Fast Jog 6.5
  • 1-minute Sprint 7.5

Repeat Above Sequence 4x –or more if you are wanting a longer run.

Then Cool Down for 5 Minutes at an Easy Walk –3.0-3.5

While doing your Cool-down do two minutes of the “Runway Walk” –Walk-on Tiptoes, butt squeezed, shoulders back and abs in tight. This is a great workout! You’ll feel it 🙂

Granted, for some of you, you’ll need to work up to these levels and that’s ok, just work at YOUR level. Others of you may be laughing at how slow I am and what I consider an easy/fast/sprint pace!! Well, folks, that’s where I am and I am proud of that 🙂

Here are some other great ones that I have Found and tested that I LOVE! 


#2 This is a great one for beginners from

 #3 Pop Sugar offered this great one that targets your bum!! The Link for this one is HERE

#4 This is another great 30-minute fat blaster from

#5 This another great one from Pop Sugar!!! It’s 45 minutes and it kinda kicked my trash but I loved it!

So there you have it friends 5 Fantastic treadmill workouts to help you get your vertical running in and kill it no matter what the weather is like outside.


  1. Ashley at flats to flip flops says:

    Pinning this to try at the gym!<br />Ashley

  2. Rachel {RandR Workshop} says:

    totally pinned this! Thanks Andie 🙂

  3. Shatzi @ Love and Laundry says:

    You are so inspirational!! Now I need to get me a treadmill! Pinned!

  4. Marcie Peterson says:

    Very inspiring post. Thanks!<br />Marcie @ I Gotta Try That

  5. Michael @Runnerlight says:

    Thanks Andie, pinned this to try! 😀

  6. WeirdnLiberated says:

    I’m giving these a try next time I hit the gym. I’m always looking for new ways to switch it up. Thank you!

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