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10 FREE Fitness Apps For Beginners To Help You Crush Your Goals

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Did you know that you can access thousands of easy and fun workouts straight from your cell phone? It’s quite amazing! Some will help you gain confidence if you’re just heading back to the gym, and others are perfect for helping you do a workout in the comfort of your own home!

When I need inspiration, I love using apps for a fun change. There are also great apps for helping you to track your caloric intake and track your activities. Getting fit is really in the palm of your hand 🙂

Photo of woman looking at phone while working out. She is reviewing the 10 best apps for beginners
It is a wonder that so many amazing fitness are available right from our phones!

So grab your phone and hit the app store to get these 10 awesome FREE fitness apps for beginners.

  1. JeFit (Free) – Is composed of workouts submitted by personal trainers that you can access via the app. All you need to do is put in your fitness goals as well as what level of fitness you’re at, and several options will pull up for you to choose from. They offer animated graphics to help you see how the moves should look. This is especially great if you are new to weights and weight equipment.
  2. SWORKit (Free) – Allows you to pick the type of workout that you would like, such as strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching, and then you can choose the amount of time you would like to work out, anywhere from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. All exercises are done using your body weight, and a cute little British gal demonstrates all moves for you.
  3. Daily Yoga & Fitness – Daily Yoga offers over 500+ asanas and guided yoga, pilates, meditation, and 50+ workout plans. This app is perfect for a beginner and can help you begin your journey into Yoga no matter what your current skill level is. 
  4. Map My Run (Free) – If you are just getting into running or even walking, this is a great one to track your speed and mileage. That way, you know how far you have gone and how fast you did it, so you can see how much you’re improving. It will also save all your workouts so you can look back and see where you started. You can connect with other friends and challenge them too!
  5. FitOn(Free) – This is awesome because it ties right to your Apple watch and your AppleTV, making it super easy to use for Apple users. It has thousands of workouts by some of your favorite celebrity fitness trainers! You can put in your goals and what types of workouts you enjoy, and it will spit out recommendations just for you!
  6. Nike+ Training Club (Free) – The app offers more than 100 workouts crafted by Nike master trainers for people of all fitness levels. Select your specific fitness goal (get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused), and you’ll find easy-to-follow workout plans. Video tutorials are available for each workout.
  7. Charity Miles (Free) – Whether you are running, biking, or walking, you can do way more than just get fit. For every mile you exercise, you can earn money for dozens of different charities! With the help of corporate sponsors, Charity Miles donates 10 cents for every mile biked and 25 cents for every mile walked or ran. As those miles add up, you can make a big difference for an organization that matters to you. How cool is that! Definitely an added benefit to getting in shape and an extra motivator to help others!
  8. My Fitness Pal (Free) – Pretty much the gold standard of caloric trackers! It is easy to use and will provide great information to help you learn to track your nutritional intake! You can also connect with other friends to help motivate and cheer each other on!
  9. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Trainer (Free) – With only 7 minutes and a chair, you can get a full-body workout! A workout can include jumping jacks, push-ups, wall sits, high-knee running in place, crunches, plank, side plank, tricep dips using a chair, and a few other moves. The app coaches you through each move as it comes up in the workout. This is a great one if you’re short on time and need to squeeze in a workout!
  10. High-Intensity HIIT Workouts (Free) – HITT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a great way to get your heart rate up fast and keep your metabolism going throughout the day. And the best part is you don’t need a lot of time! So, if you only have four minutes to spare, that’s plenty, according to the High-Intensity HIIT Workouts App. The program regimen is just a handful of exercises, each one lasting 60 seconds. These exercises are taught by real trainers, and you can choose the type of routine you want to have, featuring Tabata 4-minute workouts, HIIT 10, and 20-minute workouts. 

These fitness apps for beginners are all easy to follow and are ideal for all fitness levels! And the best part is that they are all FREE! So really, there are no excuses to make your move and Get Fit! The hardest part is getting started, and these are all great options. They will help guide you and provide real or animated tutorials while you’re getting used to and learning new moves!

If these Fitness Apps For Beginners don’t speak to you, YouTube is also another excellent FREE resource for workouts.

To grab my FREE 30-Day Workout Guide – That you can just print out and take along with you – click here

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Good Luck!

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  1. I knew about My Fitness Pal. Thanks for the heads up on the charity miles. Great option.

  2. Michael Wurm Jr. says:

    These are some great recommendations! I will check of few of these out. Thanks!!

    xo Michael

  3. I love how even the simple fact of using the app helps keep me motivated and accountable.

  4. Can’t wait to check out all of these apps! I need a new one!

  5. So many great options!

  6. monali Basu says:

    thank you so much for giving valuable information regarding fitness apps. I am happy after reading this blog and I implement all those tips that you share with us. please share more information regarding fitness.

  7. That HIIT app is awesome – great find!

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  11. Robert Lemus says:

    Will try some of these apps, great recommendation. Thanks!

  12. SWORKIT app isn’t free anymore. It’s a 7-day trial with a subscription. You can do a year for $60 or monthly for $10/month. So, definitely not free! That said, it has great user reviews, and I am stuck at home in the Great Pandemic of 2020, so … I went ahead and subscribed.

  13. Great list. I’ve used My Fitness Pal before. Very easy to use. Great tracker for caloric intake. I’ll look into some of these others as well. They look like good possibilities.

  14. wilhelmina says:

    This was super helpful! There are several on this list that I haven’t heard off and am going to check out!

  15. I love this post! Perfect for summer and I’ll definitely be trying these apps. Can’t wait to get into these workouts!

  16. Ethan Logan says:

    Very awesome !
    That is really beneficial information for me as well as others also, because I want to lose body weight.
    Here I will also suggest dog walking app Buddy To Body. Thnkx again and Carryon Author.

  17. 5 stars
    Love this article! Super helpful! I am super into fitness and have wanted to get my friends into it as well. I sent this to them in attempt to help motivate them!

  18. This was a great read! Very informative! I am excited to give some of these a try. I am always looking for extra motivation.

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    Loved this list of fitness apps! So excited to now work out at home! Thank you!

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    This is a great list! I’ve tried a couple of these (My Fitness Pal, and Map My Run, for example) and they’re super helpful! Will definitely have to check out the others.

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    So many great recommendations, thank you for compiling this list! I downloaded the HIIT app and I’ve been loving it so far!

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