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How To Be Healthy

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How To Be Healthy

For years, I struggled with what exactly it meant to be healthy. I googled “How To Be Healthy” and  I would read articles, and one would say one thing and then I would read another article that would say something completely different. It was super confusing and frustrating.

At times, it felt like there was this secret playbook to being healthy that no one was willing to provide.

After failed fad diet after failed fad diet, I finally gave up!

I decided it was time to start making small changes every day that would help me to be healthier and happier. That meant giving up “dieting” and learning to live my life in a way that was more about my daily choices then what the diet of the month was. And this change has made all the difference.

So stick with me, and I’ll share with you seven small changes you can make today to be healthier!

  1. Drink More Water: Being properly hydrated will help you to maintain a healthy weight and will prevent dehydration which can cause a whole slew of problems! Aim to drink at least 2/3 of your body weight in ounces.
  2. Make Sleep a Priority: Getting enough sleep at least 7 hours or a more a night will help you to be more productive, happier and play a significant role in maintaining a healthy weight.
  3. Practice Gratitude: Take time to focus on all the beautiful things you have in your life. Create a journal where you write three things you are grateful for every day. When you show gratitude and focus on what is right in your life, you can find joy and happiness, which will make you a happier person!
  4. Move More: If you are new to exercising and the thought of working out for half an hour intimidates you – start small!! Even a nice walk around the neighborhood will start to have an impact on your health. Every day make a goal to move a little more.
  5. Meditate: For the longest time, I thought mediation for was only for those “hippy new age” types. No offense to them, but I never saw myself in that context. But life can be stressful and by taking the time to slow down and just focus on our breathing and being really aware of it, can relax and rejuvenate you! If you’re new to meditation, there are apps you can download to help with a guided meditation or there are fantastic YouTube videos out there as well. Even just 5 minutes a day can help to reduce your stress!
  6. Learn To Love Yourself:  This might have been the single hardest concept I have had to learn. Learning to love myself as I am, flaws and all was hard. But learning to love the woman staring back at me in the mirror was crucial to my transformation. Start small with this. Every time you start thinking negatively about yourself or being critical, STOP and think of 3 things that you do like about yourself!
  7. Eat More Veggies and Fruits! Even as a health and fitness professional, I sometimes struggle with getting in all my fruits and veggies! One way that I find to get them all in, is incorporating green juices into my day! There are several great cold presses juices available at stores. I also really like the Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Mixins– They come in nice little packets that make them easy to always have on hand. I mix mine with a bit of tart cherry juice or pineapple juice about 4oz and the rest water and it helps smooth out the “green” taste. 


It can be so easy to feel overwhelmed when you are trying to make a bunch of big changes at once. Start small tackle one these things each month and when you have a handle on that one move onto the next one, and before you know it you’re making real and lasting changes in your life.

Always remember that even the smallest step in the right direction can make a BIG difference,

So hang in there and keep at it!! Because YOU my dear friend are worth it!

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