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10 Games To Play While Waiting For The Parade!

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I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome round up of Red, White and Blue Ideas! Make sure you check out all the projects from your favorite bloggers! 
Waiting for that 4th of July parade can be tough! The kids can get down right restless! So this year plan ahead and have some fun activities planned to make those hours of holding a good spot fly by! 
10. Red.White.Blue — Take turns finding Red, White and Blue items, when it’s your turn you gots to find an item that is the right color in the rotation. (items cannot be repeated)  
9. Nothing like a good game of I SPY! 
8. Assign everyone an accent (i.e. Italian, British, Southern…) You get the idea. 😉 See who can last the longest in the accent! This is a hoot! 
7. Play the Stop Game. One person is designated as the “stopper” then you take turns telling a part of the story until the”stopper” says stop and then the next person continues the tale. 
6. Play would you rather! Kids love this and make it super silly! 
5. Play name that tune – hum your favorite patriotic songs and see if you can stump them! 
4. Find a need and perform a random act of kindness! Kids love helping others and there is always someone who could use an act of kindness. 
3. Take people watching to the next level and make up back story for people you see.
2. Play Count Em’… Name a common 4th of July item and see how many your kids can find! 
1. 20 Questions – American History Version — Think of person from American History and your kids have 20 questions to figure it out! 
Hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!! It is my favorite Holiday (after Christmas… 😉 ) 
What’s your favorite thing to do while waiting for a parade? 
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