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12 Unique and Personalized Photo Gift Ideas

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12 Unique and Personalized Photo Gift Ideas

Hi, There Friend!

Do you LOVE photo gifts?!? ME too!

I think there is something so fun about taking the time to personalize a gift with a photo!

Photo gifts are always a home run with Grandparents! My parents love my annual photo gifts! In fact, last year since we were in the middle of moving – I did not have the time to make their annual photo gifts, and I think they were both a little disappointed. Although they would never admit it 😉

So I rounded up some unique and fun personalized photo gifts I could find! I hope you enjoy my round up and these ideas inspire you!





For Your Little Princess 

How Cute is this Elsa blanket?? With your little Princess’ name and face on it!? I’m pretty sure Frozen fever is not going away anytime soon!

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For The One Who Has Your Heart! 

I am obsessed with this little pillow right here. How fun is this little reminder of your love, I can just see it snuggled up on my bed! I love having pictures of just Kelly and me in our room. It helps set a good tone.


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For The Writer 

I wish I were more of a journaler… But this beautiful personalized and perfect journal would make the perfect gift for one who is always writing!

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candleFor The Candle Lover 

Two of my favorite things candles, and pictures! Combine them, and you just can’t go wrong. And after the candle is enjoyed carefully clean out the candle and use it as a fun glass container!


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For The Computer Lover 

Now at work or home, your computer lover will have his/her family close by! – I love the added monogram feature – So clean and classy looking.


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water-bottleFor The Fitness Lover 

You knew something “fitnessey” would be thrown in here somewhere! But what better reminder to take care of yourself and drink your water then your cute little kiddos starring at you. {lol} Bottle is BPA Stainless steel.

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For The Traveler 

These luggage tags are perfect for the traveler for a couple of reasons!

#1 They will help them find their luggage faster in a sea of graphite gray bags 😉

#2 It’s always fun to have a reminder of home when you are traveling

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For The Christmas Sentimental 

We all have someone on our lists that LOVES Christmas and treasures each and every special ornament on their tree. Add a special new one just from you!

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pesonalized-frameFor Dad 

What Dad wouldn’t love this sitting on his desk at the office #dadpride 😉

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For Your Tween/Teen Girl 

This is such a cute little canvas pouch you can personalize with their name and what they are into! There are a lot of fun designs to choose from! My 12 yr old would love this – for her new and emerging makeup collection.

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For The Calendar Lover 

These new easel calendars are so sleek and modern! It’s a great way to add a personal touch to an office without it being overboard.

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For The Puzzle Lover! 

How Fun is this puzzle! Each puzzle is 60 or 252 pieces! This would make a fun family gift or for Grandma who loves puzzles and her grand-kids!

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The No Fail Solution

A photo book gift will never steer you wrong! I have gifted plenty over the years, and they are always a huge hit!! I made a special book for each of my three kids a couple of years back, and my kids still LOVE looking at their special books! So if you’re still struggling to find the perfect photo gift this one will never miss!! Shutterfly has tons of fun templates to choose from, and they are pretty much all done for you all you have to do is upload your pictures! Super Easy! Buy Now 

Well there you have it, friends, my absolute favorite photo gift ideas! Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

With Love & Gratitude,


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