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20 Minute Jumping HITT Work Out!


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Just for the record, jumping is NOT my favorite. Let’s start with that. But I recently read somewhere in the internet universe that the thing you hate most is really the thing at which you need to work harder; it will challenge and change you. So I have been embracing jumping/plyo moves, and guess what? I am seeing changes and results! It is a great way to improve strength and cardiovascular health, as well as take your workouts to the next level. So if you are craving a good overall workout that will challenge you and torch some serious calories without a lick of equipment, this 20-Minute Jumping HITT Workout is for you!
Mix things up with this AWESOME Plyo inspired HITT workout!

So take a deep breath, take a swig of pre-workout fuel, and let’s do this! In case you don’t want to bring your phone along to look at this blog post, I made a printable workout sheet to keep you on point!


20 Minute Jumping HITT Workout Printable

Move #1: Jumping Rope. Channel your inner box, and jump rope like you never have before! (It might be helpful to be playing Eye of The Tiger for full effect.) Jump at full strength for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds. Make sure to get some good stretches in between sets!

Jumping Rope

Move #2: Jumping Lunges. Assume a sweet lunge position, and then jump in place. You should have time to do 10 jumps on each leg. Your legs will love you for this one.

Jumping Lunges

Move #3: Burpees. These are straight-up traditional burpees, so start in a plank, hop your back feet up to your shoulders, pop up with arms reaching above, and then hop back to plank position. Keep this going for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30! Make it a game to see how many you can bust out in 30 seconds!


Move #4: Jumping Jacks. These are good old-fashioned jumping jacks. Go at full power for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30.

Jumping Jacks

Move #5: High Jumps. Last but not least, you’ll end with some high jumps! Think about landing that perfect jump shot, and you’ll be in the right track! Go for 30 seconds full-on and then 30 seconds of rest, and then move on to the next round! If you need a bigger break before starting each round, that’s totally okay!!!

High Jumps

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