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2018 Predictions- What to expect from an Expert!

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GET excited 2018 is going to be an amazing year! Based on 2018 predictions the energy of the year is one you want to know all about!

I remember very vividly walking up to the door to drop off my daughter Tatum at her new friend’s house. There was a charged energy in the air and a feeling I could not put into words, just a sense that somehow my life was going to change and that nothing would ever be the same. 

I held Tatum’s tiny hand in mine as we knocked and awaited the door to open, I looked down at my daughter and smiled not knowing that the “feeling” I felt so deeply within me was a brief glimpse into how my life would forever be changed. 

As the door opened revealing a tall, beautiful woman about my age with kind eyes and an easy smile welcomed Tatum to come in and have some fun – we started chatting and immediately I felt connected to this woman. It was destiny that our lives would connect. 

Over the past year, I have gotten to know Jenn the woman with the kind eyes and easy smile and we have become dear friends! She has helped me to learn, grow and open myself up to a world I never knew existed. 

I have learned all about manifesting, meditation, and intention. THEY can be powerful tools in helping you to cope and overcome past trauma and embrace a more positive life and help you work towards living your dream life. LIFE changing stuff! 

She introduced me to a mystical world I once thought was weird and crazy. It is now a place where I have grown and learned so much!! 

I am so excited to introduce my dear friend Jenn Suliafu!! I know you will love her spunk and spirit as much as I do – she will be contributing from time to time on Maybe I Will and sharing her wisdom and insights with us! 

I know she will help you as much as she has helped me!! 

Today she is sharing some of her insights into what to expect in 2018! She uses her extensive knowledge of numerology, astrology and Chinese astrology to guide her insights into what we can expect this next year! BIG Hint!! 2018 is going to be AWESOME! 

Photo by Steven VanDesande Jr on Unsplash

I’ll now turn it over to Jenn!! 

Expect BIG things this year! This year is a master 11/2 year and an Earth Dog Year. It’s a year about LOVE and relationships on an individual basis all the way to a universal viewpoint. I like to look at several angles when considering the energies of the year including Chinese astrology, numerology, and astrology. Let’s take a quick glance at last year and reflect for a moment. 2017 was the year of the awakening with a lot of things being brought to light. It was a Rooster (Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, wake-up everybody) year and oh boy did we see a lot of voices speaking out and being heard after decades of silence.

I often hear people say the world is getting worse and I say no way!!! I saw a lot of things happen in 2017 that proved this theory that the world is changing and it’s a beautiful thing and I expect that to continue on a grand scale in 2018. This is a rather intense energy so brace yourself! Anytime we are in a master year it is at a heightened level so there can be a feeling of angst and anxiety. We will feel a calling internally to step it up, change and do better individually in our lives.

The challenge this year is to think of others with unconditional love but first to think of yourself with unconditional love. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t help anyone. Self-care is key when dealing with this extreme energy. We must be strong, stable and balanced the best we can. Getting out into nature is really important to find balance and solitude. This is a year of going within and re-evaluating what truly matters in our lives. The hustle & bustle busy life will need to take a turn to truly find joy and this energy is trying to show us that.

The Earth Dog is all about truth, fairness, and loyalty. The Earth element encompasses strength, healing, and building. This is the beginning of a restructuring on many levels including healthcare, agriculture, money currencies, education, and government. It is expected to have new innovations in these categories bringing things into more balance for mankind and our planet.

We are already seeing a huge shift inequality for women with the #metoo movement. This is a year of “spiritual illumination” to wake souls up to a new level of consciousness. Things that have been accepted in our society for centuries will no longer hold.

Key things to remember in 2018

  • Are we contributing to LOVE or FEAR?
  • Are we focusing on things that matter and brings us true joy?
  • Are we taking care of ourselves and living in the moment?
  • Are we dropping the, me against you mentality and viewing each other as fellow humans?

Much love and light to you all! May you have an epic 2018

<3 Jenn Suliafu @lovelighthouse6

For more information on Jenn make sure and follow her on Instagram @lovelighthouse6 and check out her beautiful line of healing and inspirational jewelry

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