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5 Awesome and Unique Gifts That Will ROCK Your Mother’s Day!

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This post brought to you by Groupon. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Maybe I Will.

This Mother’s Day make a splash and do something different! Don’t get me wrong breakfast in bed and homemade goodies from your kids are still loved and much appreciated, but how bout trying something new and exciting! Have you ever thought about racecar driving lessons or trapeze lessons?!? Think about experiences and memories this year instead! Groupon the gold standard when it comes to scoring deals on local fun is introducing their first EVER Groupon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop! The Groupon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop is chalk full of all kinds of goodies for your Mom, Sisters, Friends or YOU! I scoured their site a came up with my top 5 ideas to help you ROCK Mother’s Day this year!! This is only a very small representation of what they have to offer! So if none of these ideas appeal to you personally then go check out their selection for yo’ self!

Surprise Mom with something NEW & Unique this year!

#1 A Hot Stone Massage! Need I say more?!? Grab a great deal on Groupon for a masseuse near you.

#2 Living near Vegas there were a ton of really unique experiences up for grabs! They had super fun race car driving lessons and some fun deals on shows. But I think the trapeze lessons they offered would be so fun! Not only would I tackle my fear of heights it would be one heck of a workout! Check out what exciting experiences are available in your neck of the woods! What mom wouldn’t love trying a new adventure!

#3 This might be an over share, but after miles of running and wearing flip flops everywhere my feet are hashed! So these mini pedicure things that get off all that nasty dead skin, would be AWESOME! My feet would thank you! And if I would benefit then so would my Mom and Sister! Such a great gift! Who knew you could find such fun stuff on Groupon!

#4 I think Mother’s Day and Jewelry are a given, but how bout something a little different? Like these super cute personalized necklaces! I think they are so simple and elegant and a great way to showcase your Motherhood.

#5 I LOVE photo gifts! I love giving them and I love getting them!! So imagine my surprise when Groupon had killer deals on Shutterfly albums!!! The PERFECT gift for Mother’s Day! Impressive list right!?!?

No matter what you or your Mom’s into Groupon has got you covered! Run over to Groupon and snag up some awesome gifts for all the mom’s in your life including yourself! 😉


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