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5 Ways To WIN your Mornings!

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I have partnered with belVita and Dannon to help promote the belVita and Dannon partnership. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes writing about the promotion and product. However,  my opinion are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. 
Starting your morning out right – sets you up for making the most of every day!! Sometimes mornings can be complete chaos and eating breakfast is the last thing on your mind. As you are doing hair, finding homework, matching socks, and feeding your kiddos! But skipping breakfast can actually derail your whole day and set you up for failure! Yep eating breakfast is THAT important! Here are 5 ways that I use to help me stay on track and manage the chaos that is MORNINGS and start my  day with a WIN! Use these tips and you to can manage the mayhem. 🙂
5 Tips to help you win back your mornings!
  1. Wake Up Earlier! — Take time to sit up and reflect on the upcoming day! What are your Top priorities for that day? Write them down! So no matter these things get done. Having the extra time before the kids wake-up is crucial to my sanity! On the days where I’m lazy and sleep in, end up being crazy and super stressful. The extra makes all the difference in the world!
  2. Take time to Exercise – 30 minutes of exercise in the morning will boost your metabolism and keeping it raring throughout the day. If I don’t get up and get it done first thing – the chances of it getting done that day decrease dramatically. If waking  up is hard try some pre-workout fuel before you head out! This can help wake you up and getting you moving!
  3. EAT Breakfast! — I cannot stress this enough! Having a breakfast that includes protein, healthy whole grains can get you started on the right track! This is especially important if you DID workout!
  4. BREATH!!! Sometimes I just need to take a minute a breath, and make the most of this precious time before the kids fly out the door, take a break! Kiss and Hugs those kids close and make sure they know you LOVE them before they head out the door. As I am constantly reminded of from dear sweet older ladies who smile fondly at my children and tell me how quickly time flies and how I should cherish every minute.
  5. Be Prepared! Every night before I go to bed I make the kids lunches, put their outfits out, and shoes and backpacks by the door. That way at least a little bit is done and it makes for a more organized and less chaotic morning!

Oikos creamy delicious Greek yogurt and belVita breakfast biscuits are an awesome “go to” breakfast! belVita biscuits offer awesome sustained energy that lasts till Lunch! I love dipping belVita biscuits in yummy Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt! It felt like dessert for breakfast! This perfect power couple clocks in with a total of 360 calories… which is a major win! A perfect combo of carbs + protein! Or check out any of my Protein Shake Recipes , another great way to start your day!!

There are so many yummy flavors to choose from in both the belVita breakfast biscuits AND the Dannon Oikos yogurt!

Another helpful hint roll your utensils in a napkin and use some fun washi tape to keep them together! I always have some of these little bundles in my pantry to help on the most chaotic mornings, when breakfast will be eaten on the go! So remember waking up early is your friend! Don’t be afraid, I wasn’t a morning person either – I had to train myself! Now my day is just not right without that peace and solitude that is my early morning! Be organized and take deep breaths and most of all remember that those adorable walking headaches at times are what life if really all about!

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