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7 Card Workout

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Hey friend! So glad you’re HERE!

When it comes to working out, do you struggle with any or ALL of the following… 

#1 Having enough space 


#2 Finding time to fit in a quick workout into your already busy day… 

This is the struggle and it’s REAL! All of us have those days where we want to fit in a workout but are limited by space or time! I get it! 

So today I am sharing an AWESOME Workout that can be done ANY WHERE, even a jail cell! Yep you read that one right… if you have as much space as a jail cell, you’re good 😉 Just ask my buddy Mike Tyson (he made this one up to keep in shape during his days of incarceration.

So although you might never find your self behind bars you can STILL reap the benefits of this easy do ANY WHERE workout!

Are you READY?! 

Limited by space or time?! All you need is a 7 face cards and about 10-15 minutes and you have time for this leg shaping workout!

Grab 7 Face Cards and let’s get to work! 

STEP #1 Shuffle your deck of 7 Cards and lay them in a line on the ground. Just like in the pic below 

7 Cards one awesome workout

Step #2  Get your squat on! Yep This game/workout is all about squats! Squat down and grab your first card then complete the number of squats on the card. As outlined… Don’t get too excited Aces are not LOW in this workout 😉 

Squat Card Pick Up

All face cards = 10 squats 

Aces = 11 squats 

Jokers = 13 squats 

And all other cards are valued per number i.e. 2=2 squats  3=3 squats  and so forth… pretty SIMPLE! 🙂 

Lay your cards down

Step #3 Each time you finish your “reps” you’ll place the card down equaling 1 squat and then add another squat to pick up the next card then complete the number of squats on that card…

Here is probably the trickiest part of this process. You’ll complete a squat every time you pick  up each card individually and you’ll do a squat each time you put down the card individually prior to flipping the next card indicating your next set of squats…

Once you work through this it gets way easier ” to get it ” I promise 😉 If a guy who got punched repeatedly in the head can work this out, so can you!

Complete this process 1-3 times or until you run out of time! Trust me your LEGS will feel this one and your bum will thank you! 😉

After an intense work out like this one! It’s important to get some fuel into your body! Naked Cold Press Juices liked I chatted about last week are a great post workout treat! Cold Presses Juices are a great source of clean carbs to replenish your glycogen stores which have just been depleted! Plus they are just plain refreshing after a grueling workout! 

Naked Cold Press Juice Post Workout

So next time you’re short on time or space… grab some cards, a Naked Cold Pressed Juice, and channel your inner Mike Tyson champion and nail this workout! 

7 Cards and Naked Cold Press Juice = Perfect Combo

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. what a fun way to get in a workout 🙂

  2. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama says:

    I love that you mentioned you could do this workout in a jail cell. I’ll have to remember that the next time I’m there. Hahaha! Great workout!

    1. Lol– glad some one picked up on my attempt at humor 😉 Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

  3. I am a huge fan of this workout as well as Naked Juice! Awesome combination/collab!

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