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7 Tips for Beginning Hikers

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Thank you for stopping by!! Do you love the great outdoors and want to get out more and explore? Or are you a little nervous about just traipsing through nature?

Hiking is definitely something you want to do your homework on before heading out! But don’t worry you landed in the right spot!

I’m sharing with you 7 Tips for Beginning Hikers that will get you headed out and into nature and hiking with confidence. You can learn from me what to do right and also learn from some of my mistakes!

7 Tips to help you get you out there exploring!

#1 Map your Course: Chances are that once you’re up on the mountain hiking –you will NOT have cell phone service – so depending on your phone’s GPS is not a solid plan… Having a map of the area will help you stay on the right hike and ensure that you make it back to your car safely! I have made the mistake of going for a hike thinking the path will be clearly marked this is NOT always the case! Bringing a map and doing a little online recon before you go will help you immensely!

#2 Do NOT hike alone. Bringing a buddy is SOOOO important! So many things can go wrong when hiking …slipping and getting injured, wild animals, getting lost. I am not trying to discourage you- it’s about being smart and safe! Plus its way more fun to go with friends!

Hiking Buddies

#3 Pack plenty of water! Invest in a backpack with a hydration reservoir (e.g. Camelbak®)! They are a great way to store all your things (I’ll get into more of that later} and not be weighed down by heavy awkward water bottles. Staying hydrated why being out in the sun will help prevent you from getting sunstroke or becoming dehydrated.

#4 Pack The Right Stuff! It is so important that you are properly prepared and have the right gear on hand when you hike! The first time I went I hiking I WAS NOT prepared- This list I prepared will make sure you are well equipped for your first day hike!

Day Hiking Essentials

#5 Dress correctly for the weather! Make sure you research before you go and dress according to the weather! If it is going to be hot make sure you have light loose fitting clothes. – If the weather will be chillier make sure you layer so that as you warm up from hiking you can take off layers as necessary.

#6 Let your family know your plan! Let them know where you will be hiking and when to expect you back. Getting lost and disoriented can happen. So setting expectations is important so that in the event that something does go awry your family will know when to get help!

#7 Fuel your body properly! Protein products are a great source for situations like hiking that requires more energy than you usually expend in your normal workouts! The makers of 5-hour ENERGY®  recently came out with a new product at Walmart that contains 21 grams of Protein! 5-hour ENERGY® Protein’s amazing energy blend makes it an excellent grab and go source when getting out there and getting active! I completed a 16.75 mile crazy hike with my sister last week. We started our hike at 5:30 AM so a shot of 5-hour ENERGY® Protein was the perfect way to fuel for our hike! I had plenty of energy and the protein helped fuel my muscles!

Extra Strength 5 hr Energy

Although there are some things that you need to be prepared for and be made aware of hiking is an excellent way to be out in nature and active! Hiking is just good for the soul! I hope you found these 7 Tips for Beginning Hikers super helpful!

So grab a map, a good friend, your gear and of course a bottle of 5-hour ENERGY® Protein and get to exploring this glorious world we live in! Grab your bottle at Walmart today. Follow the conversation at #myprotein5hour

Protein+ 5-Hour Energy

And if you use Ibotta there is a great rebate going on right NOW!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 5-hour Energy®. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. peppylady (Dora) says:

    All good tips. One thing if any of us our heading to mountain. We call or leave a note. One thing if it national forest one can call the local office and let them know the area you will be in and when you expect to return. Please remember to call when you get back.
    Coffee is on

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