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7 Tips For Happy & Productive Homework Time

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I love these little humans that call me Mom, and in theory homework time should be this awesome time for me to bond with my children and help them learn and everything is sunshine and rainbows and everyone is happy and it is just a fantastic time all the way around….

Okay Okay you can stop laughing now!

Homework is the bane of my existence! My awesome kids whom I love dearly someone how metamorphosis into these tiny manipulating, whining, and expert level procrastinators as soon as I mention it’s time for homework… Am I alone in this strange phenomenon?? If your children are perfect little angels who sit still and complete homework without an ounce of rebellion I applaud you!!

That is simply not the case in my house…

So what does a Mama do to get homework done and keep her sanity??? I am sharing some of my ninja mom tips that have helped make homework time a little less chaotic and a WAY more productive and happy! So here are my 7 Tips For Happy & Productive Homework Time! 


Stop the insanity and curtail the whining with some of these helpful hints to make homework time less stressful

  1. Set the Standard: There are no lines in the sand with this one! Set the schedule for when homework will be done and stick to your guns! Letting your kids know the schedule helps then to “mentally” plan! Instead of a big surprise that it’s time to do homework… Trust me, now that we have a set time to do homework – my kids after a couple power struggles know that this is a non-negotiable work time. 
  2. Feed them first: I make sure my kids eat a healthy snack before we get started. Well-fed kids are typically happier kids. Just think how much happier you are when you’re not Hangry 😉
  3. Get the wiggles out: As a fitness loving Mama you know I’d throw this one in there… lol – But throw some music on and dance for a bit – have them do some exercises. This will help them burn some energy and also boost their little minds to focus better when they get to work!
  4. Lock up the devices: Electronic devices are the main source of upheaval and rebellion in our house. So my kids know if they want their precious screen time – the work best be done first!
  5. Talk to teachers: Make sure you know what is expected and how homework is distributed and when it is DUE! This helps prevent last minute projects that “they forgot to mention” from taking over your life. Teach your children to budget their time and do a little bit every day to prepare for when the project is due.
  6. Take DEEP breaths: Some times even with all these plans and strategies in place my patience is tested and I am ready to pull my hair out… When I start to feel this way, I take a couple deep cleansing breaths and think about 5 things I am grateful for regarding the child that is causing me stress…. This helps me put myself in check and realize that it is gift a that I have a spirited healthy kid. It’s all about perspective 😉 One day that energy and spunk will be a good thing!? Right?!
  7. Get yourself a top notch internet provider! There is nothing worse than trying to help a child with homework and you have to wait for pages to load… Having reliable and fast internet is a MUST in today’s world!! Everyone is happy when work can be done quickly and efficiently

For those of you in Utah, CenturyLink is taking internet service to a whole new level! Even if you are not in the Utah area Century Link is an amazing internet that definitely is worth looking into!

In Utah, CenturyLink offers the fastest and most reliable internet services in Salt Lake City! With 100 Mbps {Nerd Level Fast!}, you can download a high definition movie in less than 7 minutes. Can I get a hallelujah?!? 100 MPS also makes it faster to play games online with others, video chat with a friend, share photos and so much more. Or {Cough Cough} Do homework research!

What also sets CenturyLink apart from other internet service providers besides is crazy fast speeds are their great prices and a service you can rely on – customer support is here for you 24/7.

Currently CenturyLink is offering 100Mbps for $20 a month through October, which is unheard of for the industry!! Try $100 with cable {I know from personal experience}

You can also have access to Prism TV – interactive TV service performing better in Utah than other markets. – You know for when the kids actually finish their homework and you all can enjoy some screen time!

And if 100 Mpbs isn’t fast enough for you, CenturyLink is in the process of rolling out 1G in the Salt Lake City area, that will make watching movies and doing homework on multiple devices without buffering  a piece of cake! 

As a Mom, I love the the fact that CenturyLink is also fueling the power of technology for the next generation by supporting education.

They have established a STEM program in partnership with Utah Jazz recognizes outstanding students in science and tech by making a $10k donation to the students presented at a Utah Jazz home game. Isn’t that soo cool!

Their Teachers and Technology program also offers yearly grants to teachers that exemplify technology excellence in the classroom – this year, they donated $55k to this program in Salt Lake City alone. 

For this is and all the above mentioned reasons when you’re shopping for internet in the Salt Lake City area and throughout the country wherever you may be!! Give Century link a shot!

And here’s to happy no tears homework time! Hope my tips help ease the crazy!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CenturyLink . The opinions and text are all mine.








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