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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Protein Snacks on The Go!!

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I love the old adage… That states if you fail to plan you plan to fail! That is sooo true!! I eat healthy and have an extremely busy life style! I blog, take care of three adorable munchkins, 3 disabled adults, coach others with their fitness and weight loss goals, and I’m doing all this while my hubby is living in another state… oh and let’s add trying to sell our house! Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning a bit! But I LOVE my life and know that eating a healthy well balanced diet helps me to stay focused and strong so that I can meet all the demands that are placed upon me with a happy and joyful heart! How do I do this!? How do I eat healthy among some down right chaotic times? I PLAN ahead and make sure my fridge is well stocked with pre-portioned, healthy options! These AWESOME P3 Portable Protein Packs from Oscar Mayer are PURE Genius! They have the basics …healthy meats, cheese, and nuts! The perfect power play for me to grab and go when I am out running errands and being a non stop taxi driver! They are well packaged and easy to just throw in my purse as I head out the door!
With 13g of protein they make an awesome post workout snack as well! And I do LOVE a good workout!
Fueling your body with the RIGHT foods is so important!
Oscar Mayer’s got your back with only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients! The meat is so good, and the nuts and cheese are top notch! And the portions are just right!
Eating Healthy as an adult is HARD sometimes it so much easier to grab garbage when you’re on the go all day. As I am sure most of you are! I know many of you have way more on your plate then me and are struggling to find that balance! And it is a struggle! Here are some of my go to Tips for keeping it healthy!
  1. Remember to Plan Ahead — Think about your day! Plan to have a healthy well balanced snack every couple hours.. Your body and metabolism will thank you! By eating more frequently you keep that metabolism  firing burning all day!
  2. Drink Your Water! (A common theme of mine) — ALWAYS ALWAYS have a water bottle on hand! Aim to drink at least 2/3 of your weight in ounces every day!
  3. Always pair a carbohydrate with a protein… These two are a POWER couple, they provide long lasting energy and manage hunger
  4. Be Smart… Make SMART Choices… If you HAVE to do drive thru — order a grilled chicken salad with a vinaigrette. Most restaurants have healthy options if you seek them out!
  5. Live your life! This is a WAY of life not a diet. Never ever be on a diet! Remember making good choices will make your life happier and healthier! Indulgences are important to! But remember they are that… indulgences and are meant to be a special treat! Not a daily thing!

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For More Information on P3 Portable Protein Snacks From Oscar Mayer Click HERE

You can find these AWESOME Portable Protein Packs at your local Walmart in the Deli Aisle!!

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