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Are You Sedentarily Active?

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This post is sponsored by the Garmin® vívofit 2 activity trackers through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about the Garmin® vívofit 2 activity tracker, all opinions are my own.

Are you Sedentarily Active? Many of us head to the gym, log our workout and call it good. The remainder of our day is spent at a desk or in some other form of sedentarism.

But living a healthy and active lifestyle means we need to move more in GENERAL! Working out at the gym is awesome but we need to focus on moving more throughout the day. Doing so will help us and our bodies become and stay fit and healthy!

Think about our earliest ancestors… They were busy all day hunting and gathering to get food on the table. There was very little sitting going on. We are engineered to move and to move all day. So with that being said moving can be tough! Right!?! Most of us have jobs and responsibilities that make it difficult to be active throughout the day. So with this thought in mind I came up with 10 easy ways to sneak in some “active” time in our days.

Great Ideas and Ways to sneak more activity into your days!

  1. Set a timer on that fancy phone of yours to get up and walk every hour for 5 minutes! This little active break will help rejuvenate you and help you refocus on the task at hand. I am pretty sure it will give you more energy than reaching for that sugary treat you think will give you a boost of energy.
  2. Encourage your co-workers to do walking meetings… They are becoming a thing! Walking and talking will help you #1 be more active and #2 it will also get your brains working and solving problems. It’s amazing how just getting up and moving and seeing different scenery can help inspire new thoughts.
  3. Invest in a stability ball chair. Remember it worked for Dwight in The Office; well, until Jim popped it of course ;). But really sitting on a stability chair will have you using all kinds of muscle to help stabilize your sitting position.
  4. Instead of going to the restroom right by your desk, head to one that is the farthest away. If you’re an avid water drinker (like you SHOULD be) this might tack on quite a few more steps throughout the day. Are you a stay-at-home mom? This same concept will work for you as well! I always head to the bathroom that is the farthest away from where I am!
  5. NEVER take the elevator! Really stairs are awesome and are great for helping to cause a spike in your heartrate! They’re there… USE them! The only time I take an elevator is if the staircase looks sketchy and unsafe or if I am carrying a super heavy load.
  6. If you have errands to run and they are within a reasonable distance, consider walking to get them done. If you live in a walking-friendly city, this is a great way to get more activity into your day!
  7. Do you ride the subway or a bus to work? Get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way! Another easy way to sneak more activity in!
  8. Okay you work-from-homers and stay-at-home peeps! I have not forgotten you! A great way for you to be active is to PLAY!! Take the kids to the park and instead of positioning yourself on the bench with your smart phone in hand perusing FB, Instagram, and Twitter – get up and PLAY with your kids! I know, I know, it’s a novel thought. But really you will feel rejuvenated and your kids will LOVE it! Take a Frisbee or a football and play catch!
  9. Make it a family rule to go for an after dinner walk. Getting up and moving after dinner can aid in digestion and once again help you sneak more activity in your day.
  10. Get yourself an activity tracker! These awesome wearables are an amazing way to challenge and PUSH yourself to move more and be more active – Can you get more steps than yesterday? How many steps is it to the bathroom? Really it can become a game! I swear by mine!


Garmin, you know the people who create awesome running watches? I adore my Garmin Forerunner! It is one of my favorite accessories in life. Anyways Garmin has a fantastic tracker, (the Garmin® vivofit2 acitvity tracker)  It has a great slim design that is really easy to mix in with some bangle bracelets so it’s not the first thing people see when they see that wrist. 😉 It also touts a 1 year battery life! How awesome is that? The hardest thing with some other wearables is finding the time to take them off to charge them! I love that I don’t have to deal with THAT!

Remember how I shared how to set your fancy phone to get you to move every hour? The vívofit 2 knows and tracks your inactivity! A red move bar appears on the display and a gentle alert sounds after one hour of inactivity. The move bar builds every 15 minutes until you reset it by walking for a couple of minutes. #win!

It will also track your sleep patterns, so that you can ensure that you are getting the right amount of ZZZ’s, which is a crucial component for good health.

You can also connect your Gamin vívofit 2 to that fancy phone of yours to enhance your tracking and daily goal setting as well as connect with others for even more fun and friendly competition.

Wearables like the Garmin vívofit 2 are a great way to combat active sedentarism. The more we can get our bodies moving and grooving throughout the day, the more healthier and happier we will become!

vivofit2 wearable

What are your favorite ways to sneak more activity into your day?02




  1. I didn’t know extracurricular acevtiiits were mandatory! I would be bored to hell if I had to stay for another hour and a half. I was prefect starting P4, but it was kinda stupid telling other kids not to run and keeping the noise down…blah.

    1. Sounds like you’re one active guy! 🙂

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