BCAA for Women?

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BCAA For Women?

BCAA For Women?

Let’s start at the very beginning. 

What are BCAAs? – You might have heard the term before- but let’s chat about what they are exactly and why as a woman you should consider supplementing them into your diet. BCAA stands for Brand Chain Amino Acids  – this refers to three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids can play a significant role in helping to promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over time.* They may also help to muscle prevent fatigue (less sore muscles )* A total win! 

So let’s answer the question are BCAA for Women? 


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You might have seen the ”increase muscle growth” and got a little nervous.* You will not end up looking like a “she-man” by taking BCAA – they will help you to build and maintain lean and healthy muscle tone.* As women, we often do not get enough protein in our diet, by adding BCAA this can help to bridge the gap and help to preserve the muscle we’ve worked so hard to get.*  

When To Take BCAAs?

The best time to take BCAAs is in coordination with your workouts. They will help make your workouts more efficient, by helping enhance overall endurance.* Some studies suggest that the BCAA leucine, specifically, may be involved in the regulation of appetite.* Other research indicates that leucine could help promote fat burning and support balanced blood sugar levels.* And that’s important because ups and downs in blood sugar levels can lead to weight gain. See – all good things! 

BCAAs are not for just a little jaunt on the elliptical – they are best combined with intense workouts. 


In my personal life, I drink BCAA while I am working out. They help me perform better and keep my energy up throughout my entire workout.* They also help me to keep my blood sugar levels from dropping since I tend to train fasted.* 

The biggest thing I noticed when I started supplementing BCAA into my daily workout routine besides better endurance was that I was not as sore the next day and I bounced back a lot quicker.* 

For those of you who bring it at the gym – incorporating BCAA can be a complete game changer! They were for me and have helped to become more and more of the athlete that I envision myself to be.

You might be thinking to yourself, are they a pill, food, how do you ingest so-called BCAA? This is the coolest part! They are a powder that you can just mix in your water and sip on while you are working out. They come in all kinds of yummy flavors and taste really good! It’s like drinking fruit punch while working out! Most brands are really low calorie – so they won’t mess you up there.

As a NOW Ambassador – Have I mentioned I love them recently?? 

They FINALLY rolled out a flavored BCAA product, and I could not be more thrilled! 

They have a pre-workout blend of Amino with an extra caffeine boost and intra-workout blend that will keep you moving and crushing it during your workout!!!* 



Have you tried supplementing BCAA before? Let me know if you try them and if you like how they help you crush it!! 

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