BedJet Review

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A BedJet review, the perfect happy medium for couples that fight over sleeping temperatures!

There are products I have come across over the years that have become so entrenched in my everyday life that the thought of ever living without them baffles my mind. You know those items that seem like a splurge at the time but really have been worth every cent.

For me, that list is relatively small

There are the obvious choices – computer, laptop, gel boob inserts, high tech running shoes. And then there are the not-so-obvious things like my beloved BedJet.

Ok, ok, you may be asking yourself what the heck is a BedJet and how exactly has it managed to work its way up on my lists of essential items?

Guys, the BedJet is life-changing! It’s a sheet that you place on your bed like any other ordinary sheet which doesn’t sound very life-changing, I know. But here’s the cool thing about this seemingly ordinary sheet – it fills with air and you can adjust the temperature of the air! Say what???

If you’re boiling hot at night crank down the temperature on your bedjet and instantly feel cooling relief! It’s heaven to have all my comforters piled high on me and have my toes tucked safely under the covers without being uncomfortably hot! And come winter you better believe I will have my bedjet blasting warm air keeping me nice and toasty.

For those couples who burn extra hot or extra cold, you can get a dual climate situation going, heating on one side and cooling on the other, all with a touch of a button.

Kelly and I are usually in agreement on how we like the temperature so I opted for the single zone, which has been so awesome!

I am an absolute fan but I think Kelly loves it even MORE! I get the luxury of sleeping in my sweats all summer long and Kelly gets to be COLD, which is weird but that’s how he rolls. It has become a win-win situation for us.


So you’re probably wondering how this thing works. It slides discreetly (or not so discreetly) under your bed and depending on the way your bed is constructed and situated in the room, it might be visible. You can see it if you walk into our room, but honestly, the lack of “visual perfection” is worth the trade-off in my book.

The hose that connects to the sheet is on the wall side of the room so you really can’t see it! The sheet is constructed so you can move the hose to where it is most discreet in your room. I often pull friends into my bedroom to show off the BedJet (not awkward at all…) and they always ask if it’s noisy. I’m happy to tell them that it’s not and, in fact, it’s super quiet

The BedJet Magic is all completely controlled by the remote, a phone, or a tablet making it super easy to adjust the temperature while lying comfortably in bed.

I tried to take a picture that would show you exactly how poofy and full of air our bed gets once the BedJet is turned on – it’s like sleeping under a cloud it’s so comfy! If you are a fan of having lots of layers on you at night without the heat then you need a BedJet in your life.

Although menopause is still a ways off for me, I am excited to have my BedJet to help me combat the dreaded “hot flashes” my older gal pals have clued me in on.

And if you want more info on this essential item {in my book} check out this video! If only to get a good laugh – it is hysterical!


Grab your BedJet Today – It will totally rock your world!



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