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Why is Bone Broth Good For You?

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There has been a lot of buzz around Bone Broth?? But why is the stuff actually good for you?

There is almost no way, if you are into health and fitness (or alive and have a TV), that you haven’t heard about bone broth.

Bone broth is on the front seat of the ‘good for you’ bandwagon and it seems like everyone has jumped on! As a lover of clear simple soups, I am thrilled that bone broth is found so much flavor and is readily available these days. That’s why I needed no excuse to say YES for the chance to do a 30-day sample of the tasty goodness that is Aubon Bone Broth

Time and again as I sipped Au Bon Broth’s rich homemade tasting bone broth, I could not help but think of my grandma. Long before a thousand fitness bloggers and hip chefs brought attention to the almighty broth, Grandma made me a huge fan of her soul-satisfying chicken and beef soups. Grandma simmered her batches slow, using good, clean ingredients that filled each pot with hearty flavor and body restoring nutrients. I loved the feeling of instant renewal to body and spirit when I sipped a cup of Grandma’s hot steaming soup.

Au Bon Broth brought those memories to life with a broth that truly gives you a homemade taste with all the healing and detoxifying benefits. Sipping a cup honestly makes you feel like it is healing your soul. I am a big supporter of good foods done right. And Au Bon Broth does it right.

Au Bon Broth is not following a trend started by new age health nuts and crunchy granola types. They have stayed true to making bone broth the way it was made long before we arrived into the world. You see, modern day health specialists have not made a new discovery. They are actually promoting the goodness of bone broth that had been touted as a medicinal remedy as far back as the mid-1700’s! This “beef tea” was treated as a sure-fire cure for sicknesses that included the common cold and stomach issues.

Although bone broth has been a “fad” for a few years now, this tried and true healing remedy contains countless health benefits that may aid us in healing and create homeostasis (balance) within our bodies?

After 30 days on this ‘soup for the soul’ I have rediscovered too many incredible benefits to list them all here, so here is a quick list of four of my favorites. (To learn more go to the end of the blog to find Au Bon Bone Broth’s link to their informative website).

Top 4 Benefits of Bone Broth –  


  • Bone Broth is rich in minerals and is nutrient dense. I like that Au Bon uses healthy ingredients so I can give my body nutrient rich food and not have to swallow another handful of supplements.
  • Bone Broth nourishes our digestive system. Easy to eat and easy to digest, this is a super food I crave after a tough workout.
  • Bone Broth is great as a mild detox for the whole body. I have turned to bone broth time and again after a vacation or too many holidays treats, to get me off the junk and back on a healthier eating plan.
  • Bone Broth has anti-inflammatory properties. Simply put, our bones and ligaments benefit because broth provides our bodies with high levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients like glutamine, collagen, magnesium, silicon, calcium and more. All good things that help minimize inflammatory stressors our bodies deal with every day.

There is much more to cover than I have space here, so as I promised here is the link to Au Bon Broth’s informative site to learn more.

Learn More about Au Bon Bone Broth Products!

Bottom line, eating bone broth is one of the easiest ways we have to keep our bodies functioning at their best. Au Bon Broth takes away all the excuses, making a broth that is affordable and convenient to use. Now practically everyone can experience a noticeable upgrade in their overall health by consistently adding bone broth to their diet.

Seriously, stop with the excuses for not feeling good. I invite you to click on the Au Bon link and order some broth today. Commit to using this amazing restorative food for 30 days to up-level your health. This is a great way to start looking and feeling better and make your grandma proud.

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