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Bring On The Good Vibes With Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is a powerful tool, making a few simple changes can help create powerful shifts and invite amazing things to flow into your life.

A lot of people focus on keeping their house picked up, cleaned and decorated to their liking. Just like vacuuming and cleaning the windows it’s equally important to clean the energy of your home to keep things flowing. Feng shui deals with the energy flow of your space. When certain areas of your life get stagnant or even chaotic you can do some easy and quick things to create wonderful shifts.

Your front door and entryway to your home is one of the most important areas to pay attention to when bringing in energy. You want this area to always be free-flowing bringing in lots of positive energy also known as chi. Make sure this area is clutter free. Open your front door daily to allow fresh chi to come in. Chi is positive energy including wealth, love, joy, laughter, fun, adventure, health and wisdom. Get in the habit of opening your front door even for a few minutes a day and welcome an abundance of all those awesome things you’d like to see flood into your life. Make sure this area is also cleaned regularly from cobwebs, leaves, rusty furniture, dying plants, etc. You don’t want anything old and stagnant by your front entry. Fresh healthy plants or colorful flowers are great to place at your door as they create abundance.

To really keep things moving it’s important to clear the energy on a regular basis. There are several ways to do an energy clearing using sage, sea salt, candles, bells or clapping. My favorite is sage. You can pick up a sage stick at most grocery stores in their health food or vitamin section. Light the sage and be sure to have a plate underneath to catch the ash and start at your front door. Pass through your home going clockwise and set your intentions in each space. For example, when I enter a home while holding the sage I am setting the intention of welcoming in supportive loving people, health, abundance, joy, laughter, etc.

As you move through the home think of what intentions you’d like to see in each space. In the kitchen, you probably would like to set intentions of health, memories, great conversations and connection with your loved ones. In the master bedroom, you might want to set intentions of intimacy, rejuvenation, relaxation, passion, safety, etc. Visualize as you go through what you’d like to see in your life, home and relationships. Hold a space of gratitude for all the wonderful things you’ve been blessed with.

It’s really important to open doors and windows as you do a clearing. Opening windows brings in the new fresh chi and allows the old stagnant or negative energy to move out. Keep in mind of times there has been energy you’d like out of your space such as after an illness, fight, grief, job loss, worry, etc. It’s great to do a maintenance clearing monthly to keep things moving.

Another really important thing to keep positive chi flowing is de-clutter! I can’t say this one enough. It’s so important to keep junk out of your space. When we have a bunch of things around creating clutter there is no room for new to come in and it creates a major energy of being stuck and not moving forward. This includes under beds. The space under beds should be clear and flowing. You can set a sheet of goals, intentions or things you’d like to manifest into your life under your bed but make sure all other things are cleared out.

Feng shui is powerful and you will feel a shift once you do these simple things in your space. I have many more tips that I will continue to share. I absolutely love feng shui and the amazing shifts it creates instantly!

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  1. This is soooo interesting! I am all about an organized, clean, and peaceful house!

  2. This is geat motivation to declutter and reassess our home. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Charity Beth Long says:

    I really need some fend shui right now. We have construction going on and so do three of our neighbors, so it feels like not just my house it cluttered but the whole neighborhood. Need to find a calm, organized space so I can feel settled.

  4. Allyson Zea says:

    I need this in my life so bad!

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