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Bucket of Luck


My good friend, has had some crazy bad luck for  the last month! If it wasn’t one thing it was another! It seemed just as things would start to get better something else BIG would come up! My heart went out to her and her cute little family! So as I was thinking of ways I could brighten her day and make her life a little bit easier! I thought what this girl needed was some LUCK!! So I put together a Bucket of LUCK!! Hoping this will make her day and hopefully ward of any more craziness!!! Knock on wood!!! 🙂

Such a cute idea to cheer someone up! Or a fun St Patty's gift idea!

To make your own bucket of Luck…You’ll need the following items

bucket of luck #2-resized

Here is a list of what you will need to make your Bucket of LUCK! – I was able to find all of my basket components at Target and the Dollar Store.

Rubber Ducks

Chocolate {Because La Duh! Chocolate just makes everything better}

Lotto scratch tickets


Lemonheads and/or Lemonade

A Big eraser

Lucky magazine and Pedicure Supplies

Gold Coins

Little Irish Flags and Shamrocks were found at the Dollar Store 😉 The wire basket was found at Target

To explain the meaning of these fun items and why they will provide LUCK! I made a little printable you could use to include with the gift to explain it all! This would make a great St Patty’s Day gift or just fun gift for a friend anytime they are going through a rough patch!

Get the CUTE printable HERE


  1. Ashley at flats to flip flops says:

    I am pretty sure I pinned internet is acting heck a slow! Great idea!<br />Ashley:)

  2. Emily {Bits of Everything} says:

    I pinned this! What a cute gift idea!! I bet your friend loved it!

  3. Marcie Peterson says:

    This is darling. Love it, pinning it!<br />Marcie @ I Gotta Try That

  4. Cutest gift idea, Andie! We could all use a little turn of our luck on occasion and this surely helped her feel better about hers!

  5. Nat and Holly says:

    So cute Andie!!!

  6. Andie Thueson says:

    Thanks guys!!!

  7. Michelle Lunt says:

    Hi Andie, I love this fun idea! Especially the lucky duckies.<br /><br />Warmly, Michelle

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