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30 Days of Kindness Challenge, are you up for it?

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It only takes a moment of watching the news or scrolling through social media to see that our current world is under attack. 

We have become a divided people and is breaking my heart. We were not meant to be categorized and shoved into boxes. 


We are not the color of our skin, we are not the religion we choose to participate in, we are not our sexual orientation, we are not the country we call home. We are all one. We are all humans. We are all glorious beautiful souls. It is time to lay our differences aside and to unite in love, acceptance, and unity. 

I may dream big and this may seem like an overreaching goal but we can start small – we can start with kindness. 

Sprinkle Kindness Like Confetti” 

When I published my book  The Big Book of Challenges I was bummed my 30 days of kindness challenge did not make the cut. When we are truly kind to ourselves and one another we change, we evolve and we grow. And that is the type of transformation I am truly passionate about. 

30 days of kindess challenge

I am excited to get this challenge out in the world and I think it is one that is needed now more than ever. 

Just imagine if every single human person took on this challenge, I know we could change the world. 

We now live in a world of perceived connection due to the internet and social media. Because of this we sometimes head out into the real world and end up completely detached from the wonderful humans that surround us in real life. We are more concerned about making a comment on some celebrity’s latest Instagram post then we are about making eye contact with those wonderful souls that surround us. 

For this 30-days of kindness challenge, I want you to put your phones down when you are at the store or out in public. Pay attention to the people around you, notice things about them, and challenge yourself to compliment three of those people. Do this every time you are out. Just think of the effect you could have just by going out of your way to being kind to complete strangers every day. It will have a profound effect on them and I promise it will make a huge impact in your life too. 

Besides making eye contact and complimenting strangers here are some other ideas for participating in the 30 days of kindness challenge: 

  • If you see a young mother struggling to get her kids situated in a cart at Target and she drops her phone, take a minute and help her out! Give her a smile and tell her how darling her kiddos are. We need to stop being afraid of each other! 
  • Add a couple of extra bucks to the tip jar then smile and offer sincere gratitude to those that are serving you! Ensure you make eye contact let them know you SEE them. 
  • SMILE!! I cannot tell you how much someone just smiling and giving me a head nod can make my day. For years I battled with depression and I often felt completely invisible. Those days when someone took the time to acknowledge my existence and made me feel seen, it helped me to feel a little bit better and stronger. Helping those around you feel SEEN is big people! 
  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru 
  • Write fun little uplifting notes on post its and leave them on cars – these fun happy notes are a great way to spread joy! 

Happy Sticky Notes - Kindness Matters

  • Pick up litter when you are out walking – Being Kind to the earth counts too! 
  • Be kind to yourself. Choose to give yourself some grace. 
  • Find a charity you love and send a donation 
  • Bake a treat and drop some by for your neighbors, preferably those you don’t know as well. 
  • Complete the Kindness Scavenger hunt with your kiddos.

Kindess Scavenger Hunt

  • Volunteer for a charity in your area 
  • Write a note of thanksgiving to a dear friend that has meant a lot to you. 
  • Send a text to a friend letting them know you are thinking about them. 
  • Meditate on ways to show kindness and ACT on any ideas that come to you. 

In summation to complete the 30-days of kindness challenge every time you are out and about choose 3 strangers to smile at, compliment, or help out! Pick a few things from the above list. Just sprinkle that awesome kindness EVERYWHERE. 

As you work on this challenge and make it a habit you will notice that not only did you help to uplift those 3 strangers but you will find yourself filled with a sense of joy and peace that will surprise you. 

Being a kind person is a gift to others but it is also a gift to yourself, one that will help you improve your overall health and well-being. 

Tag me on social media @andiethueson and let me know how you are sprinkling kindness


  1. I love love LOVE everything about this. It’s so easy to be kind. <3

  2. I love this! This is such a great idea and will for sure make someone’s day! I can’t wait to try these out.

  3. So many great ideas! Thank you

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