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Why Buy A Blendtec?


I was given a Blendtec blender for review, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Why Buy A Blendtec?

One of the questions you lovely folks ask me the most is…What type of Blender do you use? It actually has varied over the years, and I have pretty much tried them all. Getting a blender that consistently delivers and will tackle even the toughest job without smoking or making scary noises is rough! A couple of years ago my husband asked for a blender for Christmas. He wanted to make healthy shakes for breakfast every morning, and our old one was just not cutting it. So I did my research just like many of you have done or are doing… And if you’re like me you’ll likely come up with two brands VitaMix and Blendtec. Both are known to be “it” when it comes to exciting and über sexy blenders… Did I just call blenders sexy??! Yep, just trying to keep you awake! Cause let’s face it Blenders can be down right sexy!

So as I continued my research and seeking out the sexiest blender out there, I made a list as most people do of pros and cons of Blendtec Vs. a VitaMix

Considering Buying a Blender?!? Read this first!

Blendtec                                                 Vs.       VitaMix

Smaller more compact                                                                                                  Larger and Heavier

fits perfectly and sexily under the counter                                                          Not quite as counter friendly and easy on the eyes…

The lightest airiest smoothies                                                                                    Creamy texture not as much air circulates

Tons of Blending Options! 2 Dial Settings – very simple

User-friendly and Easy to Understand Features                                               Although the settings are simplistic understanding exact blending takes time and skill, which is already factored in with the Blendtec presets

So as I continued to make my list and make my considerations, Blendtec stole my heart! And it was ultimately the best decision for my family! I have loved how I can just press the “protein shake” button, and I will have a perfectly blended shake EVERY time! It will even caution me if I didn’t add enough liquid. But what’s also really cool about my Blendtec is the sky is really the limit! Homemade nut butters, pancakes, soups, sorbets…. Really you can pretty much make ANYTHING in a Blendtec!

So if you’re in the market for a Blender and are trying to decide which way to go… In all honesty, both are top notch blenders, so really just buying a high-quality blender, in general, is a serious step in the right direction! And one every grown person should make! Having a high-quality blender is a super smart and savvy investment, both blenders offer an 8-year warranty! I am pretty sure before I bought my Blendtec I bought a new $60 blender yearly… just saying! 😉

But at the end of the day, I really feel like the walk away winner is Blendtec! It is my opinion the sexier blender! I have owned my Blendtec for awhile, and I LOVE  it!!! If loving my Blendtec is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Seriously it is one of my top 3 kitchen gadgets purchased to date! (It’s up there with my Bosch!)

So swallow hard take a deep breath and take the leap and buy a Blendtec blender! I promise you will not regret it! They are so many options! Look into the refurbished models, and the payment plans!

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