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The Best Chest and Triceps Workout To Burn Fat + Tone Up!


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Most of my personal friends and acquaintances know that I am a personal trainer. One of the most common “areas” I get asked about by my dear friends is how to shape up that pesky skin that likes to sag underneath our arms. You know the “area” often referred to as bat wings, bingo wings, church lady arms, hello Helens. This chest and tricep workout is designed to target and tone this annoying and hard-to-tone area for women. 

One thing that helps target that underarm flab is targeting its complementary muscle group, and in this case, that would be the pectoralis major muscle group or, in normal speak your chest muscles. By targeting both the chest muscles and tricep muscles at the same time, you’re going to see improvement in a tighter toned chest, AND those flabby underarms will get tighter as well. These muscle groups work closely together, so it is important to target them together when strength training for the best results.

Since we are friends, I thought I would share some of my favorite toning exercises to say goodbye to arm flab, and as a bit of a bonus, these moves will help perk up those bosoms. 😉 Which I am also asked about on a pretty frequent basis as well. So whether you want to tighten your triceps or perk up your pecs, this chest and tricep workout will help!

The Best Chest and Triceps Workout To Burn Fat + Tone Up!
Tighten and Tone Your Chest and Triceps With This Amazing Workout!

Some legal jargon to throw in here, please consult with your doctor before beginning any workout program. If you are new to lifting, please use a lighter weight or your body weight. I would rather have you focus on the correct proper form than lifting a heavier amount of weight. Focusing on the proper form will reduce the chances of injury.

Before starting this chest and tricep workout, please take 3-5 minutes to get in a good stretch! For a quick warm-up, check out this fantastic dynamic stretch routine contributed by my friends at Stay Fit Mom.

The Best Exercises to Target Your Chest and Tricep Muscle Groups

  • Reverse Extended Lifts
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Overhead Triceps Extension
  • Chest Press
  • Push Up
  • Chest Fly

Equipment Needed For This Chest and Tricep Workout

Tricep Exercises

Move #1 – Reverse Extended Lifts 

Tricep Reverse Extended Lifts
These may be a small movement, but it is mighty at helping you tone your tricep muscles!

These deceptively easy-looking tiny arm lifts will help to tone and target your finite muscles – Recommended Weight 2-3lbs (I promise you are going to feel this one with those tiny wights)

  1. Start Position: Arms straight out behind your back, palms facing up. With a slight bend forward, head down, and your feet together. Keep a slight bend in your knees.
  2. Next, raise arms behind you in small lifts. Keep your range of motion very small; concentrate on squeezing your tricep muscles, keeping constant tension. This is a fantastic effective exercise to tighten the smaller defining tricep muscles.
  3. Number of Reps: Start with ten small pulses and work your way up to 15 to 20. You’ll complete three rounds.

Move #2 Tricep Kickbacks 

Tricep Kick Backs Instructional Photo
This classic move is a classic for a reason!

These are a tried and true tricep exercises. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells. I recommend a medium weight of 8 -10lbs.

  1. Starting Position: Position upper arms parallel to the floor and then extend arms behind you.
  2. Keep your elbows tucked near your sides so that you can keep the movement slow and controlled.
  3. Number of Reps: Start with ten kickbacks and work out your way up to 12-15 as you advance. You’ll complete three rounds.

Move #3 Overhead Tricep Extensions

Overhead tricep extension
This is best with one heavier weight, but you may use two dumbells as shown.

These are another great option for targeting your tricep muscles. You’ll want to lift heavier weights for this exercise. I recommend 15-25lbs. You will use one weight. If you only have lighter weights, you may try and hold two to increase the amount of weight.

  1. Start Position: Start with weights overhead, with your elbows overhead fully extended.
  2. Now lower forearm behind upper arm by flexing elbows. Flex wrists at the bottom to avoid hitting the dumbbell on the back of the neck. Raise dumbbell overhead by extending elbows while hyperextending wrists.
  3. Number of Reps: Aim for 10-15 Repetitions, completing three rounds.

Chest Exercises

Move #4 Chest Press 

Chest Press with dumbbells
Chest Press may be done flat on your back or a weight bench.

Chest Press is a super effective chest exercise. You’ll want to use a bit heavier weight. I recommend 10-15lbs if using dumbbells and if you are using a bar 20-30lbs

  1. Starting Position: With your back on the floor or weight bench and your arms fully extended above your head
  2. Next: Lower the weights to your chest until the triceps are entirely on the floor. Relax momentarily, then press the weights upward until arms are extended. This is a very slow and controlled movement. Keeping the muscles under constant tension.
  3. Number of Reps: Aim for 10-15 Repetitions, completing three rounds.

Move #5 Push-Ups 

Push Ups for chest and tricep workout
Push-Ups actually work your whole body, but by moving your arms closer to your body, you can better target your chest and tricep muscles

No weights are needed for this great, underrated bodyweight exercise.

  1. Starting Position: Start in a high plank position
  2. Next, slowly lower your body down, focus on the chest and triceps keep your arms tight up against your body and not out wide.
  3. Number of Reps: Aim for 10-15 Repetitions, completing three rounds
  4. Modifications: If needed, drop to your knees. But at least try to do 1-2 on your toes! You’re stronger than you think! 

Move #6 Chest Flys 

Chest Flys
With this move, I want you to focus on arching your arms a bit, like a big bear hug.

For Chest Flys, I recommend a medium weight of 8-12lbs. You want the weight to be heavy enough to feel challenged, but you do not want to compromise good form.

  1. Starting Position: Lay on the floor with knees bent or on a weight bench with your arms extended with a slight curve in them.
  2. Next: Bring your arms up in a curved position, almost like you are hugging someone… Then touch weights and slowly bring them back down, keeping the slight curve in them.
  3. Number of Reps: Aim for 10-15 Repetitions, completing three rounds.

How to Complete The Entire Workout:

The Best Chest and Triceps Workout To Burn Fat + Tone Up!
This chest and tricep workout is designed to burn fat and tone up! Targeting your underarm flab and help you to perk up your chest muscles!

There are a couple of variations on how you can work through this complete chest and tricep workout.

  1. You can complete one round, completing 10-15 reps of each exercise until you have worked through all six exercises, and then starting all over again at the top, completing two more rounds.
  2. Or you can choose to complete all three rounds of 10-15 reps and then moving on to the exercise. Either way is effective and works well. This workout can be done at home or a gym, depending on what is most comfortable.

If you are unable to do any of the exercises listed above, here are a few different variations you can easily swap out for:

Alternate Chest Exercises:

Alternate Triceps Exercises:

You did it!! Give yourself a huge pat on the back! This is a challenging chest and tricep workout designed to target both muscle groups in a big way. So just getting through this one is a big deal, and you should be proud. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and nourish your body properly after working out!

Take time to stretch out your muscles for 3-5 minutes following your workout. This will help lengthen out the muscles after being compacted throughout the workout.

Taking the time to incorporate strength training will help you build lean muscle and help you on your weight loss journey. Make sure that you are training each of the main muscle groups. This will help you to avoid muscular imbalances. (You know those guys at the gym that never seem to hit leg day, that is precisely what we need to avoid! ?)

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  1. This was such an awesome at home workout, I love all the photos made it super easy to follow!

  2. Thanks for the tips. Something I need to work up to, but looks ultimately doable and rewarding! Definitely nothing on here is impossible for a beginner, just can’t really do it all in one go yet! But I will get there!

  3. So knowledgeable and I love these tips! Can’t wait to incorporate them!

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