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Class Pass Review

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I was provided  FREE  access to Class Pass in exchange for my review, but  as always my opinions are 100% mine! 

 I have had the pleasure this past month to obtain access to  Class Pass, y’know to give it a  shot on a trial basis… So what exactly is “Class Pass” you might be asking yourself?!? Class Pass is a monthly membership which allows you to go to awesome boutique classes for one low rate every month ($99)!! So all those fun classes that are at least $20 a pop… You know classes like Pilates, Barre, Arial Yoga, Hot Yoga and Boxing (just to name a few) are all FREE for you to try for one monthly rate! It’s the COOLEST idea in the world! (In my ever so humble opinion)  The one drawback is that you are limited to 3 classes at each studio available in your local Class Pass area. Which may sound lame, but there are so many studio choices!! – Even going 3-5 times a week, some times twice a day,  I never ran out of classes!

Las Vegas


Class Pass recently launched in my city of Las Vegas, but it is available in the following areas as well…

Seriously is you live in one of the aforementioned areas you owe yourself a favor to check out Class Pass!! It is a steal of a deal! ALL the classes available are awesome!

Class Pass Collage

This past month I have tried all kinds of fun workouts and have challenged myself physically in ways I never thought possible! Not to sound super cheesy, but honestly I have had the time of my life! So if you love to mix things up and don’t want to stay married to the same type of workout… Class Pass is for you!! One day take on a Yoga Class, the next day try a Surfset Class (crazy harder than it looks)…. I still have quite a few studios in my area I have yet to check out. Like a pole dancing class – how fun would that be?!?!

To avoid be wait listed… which has been know to happen make sure you use my referral link – so that your name rises to the top!!

What class would you be most excited to try?!??!

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