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10 Amazing Ways Couples That Workout Together Can Benefit.

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Every time I go to the gym on a weekday morning, this adorable couple has to be in their eighties. I am in awe of them; even at their advanced age, they still prioritize getting to the gym. These two are the ultimate #couplesgoals. They are a great example and one we can all learn from.

Having a common goal of daily physical activity can set both you and your significant other up to enjoy good health and vitality well into your eighties, as my dear gym friends have enjoyed. We all know the importance of having a workout routine and making physical fitness a big part of our lives. But sometimes, having the willpower to actually get the work out done can be hard.

That is why setting aside time to work out together as a couple can be beneficial. By making a pact to make fitness a priority, you have a workout buddy and an accountability partner. And hopefully, a gym buddy with benefits. 😜

Working out together can have positive impacts on your physical health and weight loss goals and on building a strong marriage.

Having my best friend on board with my fitness goals has helped me. Being on the same page and pushing each other to get out of bed and get moving is just one of the reasons couples that workout together can benefit. Here are some added perks for couples that work out together that go beyond the benefits of regular exercise.

Photo of couple in workout gear. They are leaning back to back smiling and excited to have discovered the ways couples that workout together can benefit.
Working out together might be key to your success!

10 Amazing Ways Couples That Workout Together Can Benefit.

  1. Safety: Fitness is always safer with a Buddy! You will have the added benefit of someone to watch your form and spot you if needs be.
  2. Quality Time: With crazy schedules, finding time together can be hard. Carving out a little extra time at the gym will give you some of that daily quality time together that is so needed.
  3. Common Interest: You can never have enough shared interests. Having a shared goal is a great way to strengthen your emotional bond.
  4. Motivation & Support: Having social support is an important factor in getting healthy and staying healthy. When you are working towards similar goals, you can be the support system the other needs.
  5. Balance:  If one of you is really into cardio and the other prefers Strength Training, pairing up and helping the other out is a great way to help balance out your workouts. Have your partner act as your personal trainer in an area you don’t feel as comfortable and vice versa. Being at different fitness levels can be a good thing.
  6. Endorphins:  Elle Woods had it right. Fit people are happier! Sweating together will give you both a jolt of this amazing feel-good chemical, a release of endorphins, a natural byproduct of exercise.
  7. Memories: So many times Kelly and I end up laughing and cracking each other up the whole time. I remember we saw this jacked guy in his sixties sweating it out in an 80’s style cotton onesie. Or we noticed that Mike Tyson was a couple of treadmills down from us. We still laugh about these fun memories and cherish them.
  8. Better Sex: Improving your physical health and wellness will naturally increase your sex drive. But spending time at the gym together flirting and checking each other out makes excellent foreplay.
  9. Better Results: Having someone to be accountable to always helps you attain your goals. You are more likely to excel together as a “power couple” than trying on your own.
  10. Fun: Life and working out is just more fun having a workout buddy by your side.

This time together will help bond you. And if you are both working on keeping it tight and looking good, that will filter into other areas of your relationship. (I am looking at you Number 8)

Trust me; it is really fun to work out with your hubby. Kelly and I have a lot of fun when we head to the gym together. If you want to up the stakes with a little friendly competition, check out my Ulitmate Couples Challenge. It’s a fun way to track points and assign a winner weekly! It might be just the little extra motivation you need.

Do you work out with your significant other? I have a couple of friends who cannot because they are too competitive with their spouses, and their workouts can become contentious. That only happens when Kelly and I try and play tennis together. It’s bad news, folks.

If you cannot work out together at the gym together, try going for an evening walk together around your neighborhood after dinner or evening bike rides. You don’t need to define your couple workouts to a particular exercise. Be open to finding a way to be active together on a daily basis, whatever that looks like for you as a couple.

The idea is to move towards a healthy lifestyle together and find what works for you and your spouse. Most importantly, push each other to be healthier and upgrade your quality of life. There is no one perfect solution here. I hope these benefits of couples that workout together has helped inspire you to get moving.

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Good Luck!

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