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How To Discover Your Why: The Secret Step Most People Miss

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How To Discover Your Why: This secret step is HUGE and one most people totally miss. If you are struggling to stay motivated this step is for you!

If you struggle with sticking to any weight loss plan over an extended amount of time, then you are absolutely and resoundingly not alone! When it comes to setting weight-loss goals, most of us start strong and then find ourselves fizzling out as the months drudge on. The allure of losing weight and looking good begins to fizzle out over time. But why?? Why does sticking to a weight loss and fitness plan undoubtedly fail?

I propose that we often don’t measure our REAL reasons strongly enough! So let’s sit down and chat and work it out to help you discover your WHY. A why strong enough to help you stay motivated and focused throughout your weight loss journey.

Discover Your Why: This secret step is HUGE and one most people totally miss. If you are struggling to stay motivated this step is for you!

Zig Ziglar once said, “We don’t pay the price for good health… We enjoy the price of good health!” This quote is so accurate because working out and eating right is about sooo much more than vanity! It’s about living a healthier and happier life! Let that sink in! Most of us can all begrudgingly admit that the motivation when we first start is based on a number on the scale or a certain size we wish to be. Or how we want to look in a swimsuit. That type of reason will only get you so far.

Yes, we are all vain and driven by wanting to look good and be more attractive. We wouldn’t be human if this didn’t push us. But to stay motivated, we need to dig deeper and reflect more on what working out and eating healthy will provide for us in the long run. Getting clear on this will make downing those celery sticks and logging miles on the “dreadmill” worth it. It will keep you going long past when you made the initial goal and hope for the rest of your life!

Everyone has a reason to live a healthier, longer life. What’s yours?

So the question you need to reflect on and find an answer for is this; WHO or WHAT motivates you to live a healthier, longer life? This nitty gritty question is a powerful tool to help you discover your why. By answering this rather important question, we give POWER to our goals! When we put our health and fitness goals in the perspective of what we live for, sleeping in and eating, that second helping of deep-fried “goodness” begins to lose its luster compared to living healthy for the people we care about for the moments in life that matter most.

Because in reality, it’s not just our waistline that suffers our quality of life and our longevity of life that pay the price when we give in to overeating, inactivity, and unhealthy living.

So sit down and spend some real time to discover your why. Why do you want to lose weight?

Want to know what motivates me to set my alarm clock and get out of bed every morning??

Discover Your Why! Unlock your real motivation

It’s this crazy bunch of people right here! I cannot give them my best if I am not my healthiest! I want to live long enough to see their cute babies have babies! I want to be able to play with them and not be too tired! I want to set an example of healthy living for them so that they also want to eat healthy and exercise to live healthy, long lives!

The more Moms + Dads that make healthy living a priority, the healthier our future will be. Moms + Dads united can make a real change! (Because we all know parents are the ones with the real power to help make changes!)

So discover your why! It will give you more power and direction to your goals! Once you have discovered it WRITE it down! Writing out your goals physically with pen and paper is another way to help you stay motivated and on track!

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  1. Kristyn Merkley says:

    Living a healthy lifestyle is such a big priority in my family. I love this!

  2. Emily Hill says:

    Right now my “why” is because I love to eat all the good foods. But it’s also to maintain sanity. 🙂

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