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Fall into Fitness with this SWEET BabbleBoxx Review

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For the past couple of years, on occasion, I  have had the opportunity to check out what’s new in health and wellness via BabbleBoxx Reviews. I absolutely adore this opportunity to review and bring you my honest opinion on some of the cool new things hitting the market.

And the Fall 2020 Babbleboxx Review was no exception, so many fun goodies for us to chat about. And the best part each “sponsor” usually offers a special discount code for you, my lovely readers!! 

This Babbleboxx included the following items: 

  • Ancient Nutrition: Multi Collagen Protein
  • Ancient Nutrition: Zinc + Probiotics
  •  Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide
  • Sustained Energy Bars from Nature Valley
  • Wide Waistband Sport Legging from No nonsense 
  • Plant-Based Meals from Veestro
  • RingHero

Definitely a very diverse group of items to review! Let’s get started, shall we? 

Ancient Nutrition: Multi Collagen Protein 

I preach the gospel of collagen A LOT on my site and across social media. Collagen is a big part of my daily wellness routine. 

Ancient Nutrition Collagen supports a healthy gut, skin, hair, nails, and joints and features Collagen type I, II, III, V, and X. This provides a great blend of collagen types! Collagen is from non-GMO, pasture-raised, cage-free, and cruelty-free sources, which are always a win in my book. 

I recently started adding Collagen when I am baking. It is a great way to sneak it into your diet and get some much needed extra protein into any recipe – try adding some to your pancakes next time! 

Ancient Nutrition: Zinc + Probiotics

Zinc has been in the spotlight a lot lately because of its immune-boosting properties. No matter what may be going around, keeping your immunity healthy is always important, and Zinc is a fantastic daily add. Then you had probiotics which help to keep your gut healthy, and you have one powerful duo! Ancient Nutrition Zinc + Probiotics features 20 mg of enzyme-activated zinc and 2 billion CFUs of probiotics!! 

Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide

Ok, so these cards were a bit of a new thing for me. Have you used Oracle cards before? Over the years, I have opened my mind to new and different, and usually, every time I choose to expand my mind, I am pleasantly surprised.

The Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book brings the wisdom of Ma’at — the ancient Egyptian concept of truth and balance — to the modern world. Using the cards, you can uncover the mystical power of eternal ideals, built on the Emerald Tablets’ teachings. Helping you to learn to cultivate a heart as light as a feather. The cards are beautifully designed and feature 42 unique illustrations alongside timeless wisdom, including “I Am Humble” and “I Embrace the All,” providing inspiring guidance for us modern-day soul-seekers. The accompanying illustrated guide book delves deeper into the meaning of the cards, as well as practical applications of Ma’at’s teachings, advice on intuitive card readings, and sample spreads to spark the imagination. 

I have used the cards a few times, using a couple of the different “reading” formats, and every time I was surprised by how spot on the cards were. 

I honestly believe we are surrounded by angels, guides, ancestors, all who are here to help us, and these cards provide a way for them to communicate with us. 

Sustained Energy Bars from Nature Valley


(PS – Totally off topic, I am geeking out about my new kitchen!! – As you were) 

These little sustained energy bars are so yummy! They are the perfect way to fuel your adventures. I love throwing one in my bag when I am hiking or exploring the great outdoors! 

Each bar is packed with creamy nut butter, crunchy nuts & seeds such as almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or peanuts, and chewy cranberries or blueberries—all combined to give you a great taste and healthy energy sources. 

Sustained Energy Bars from Nature Valley come in the following flavors: 

  • Peanut Butter & Cranberry- Made with creamy peanut butter, crunchy roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds as well as chewy cranberries 
  • Almond Butter & Blueberry- Made with creamy almond butter, crunchy almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds as well as chewy blueberries 

Wide Waistband Sport Legging from No nonsense 

I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but I was super nervous about trying these leggings. No nonsense in my mind equates to socks and pantyhose, not leggings for working out. 

But I was proven wrong. I tried these No nonsense leggings on, and they felt like butter on my skin. Super soft and comfortable. I was also surprised by how flattering they were. The lightweight fabric is great for performance and has built-in stretch that moved with me. The extra-wide waistband stayed in place, and with no elastic, it provided a nice smooth look. 

I am 5’2″ and 130lbs and am in a small – I would probably go for an extra small next time. They were a bit loose. So order a size smaller than you are used to. 

Use Code Sport25 for 25% off 

Plant-Based Meals from Veestro

I should preface my review with the fact that I am not a Vegan. I am, however, trying to eat plant-based more. 

Veestro is a service that delivers chef-prepared Vegan meals right to your door. 

Veestro was started by brother and sister team Mark and Monica, who grew up in Costa Rica. Growing up, they ate mostly plant-based meals as vegetables and fruits were abundant. When as adults, they found themselves starved for time and healthy choices, they decided to start Veestro. The company’s mission is to help everyone eat more plants by providing chef-crafted delicious meals that just need to be heated and enjoyed.

Overall the meals were hearty and surprisingly filling. I liked the Country Fried Chick’n. Even Kelly (my hubby) tried a couple. And as a meat and potato boy from Idaho, he gave his stamp of approval, so that is saying something! 

Get 25% off any order with code BABBLE25 – expires October 31st, 2020


There are two camps of people when it comes to wedding rings. Those that wear their ring everywhere and are super nervous about losing it while hiking or working out. RingHero is the perfect fit for those camps! Simply place your ring (or other jewelry) in the wristband while you are working out, hiking, or otherwise nervous about keeping tabs on your ring. Then zip up your ring and relax, knowing it is safe. 

Use code BabbleBoxx10 to get 10% off your order. 

So there you have it friends my official Fall BabbleBoxx Review, so many awesome items and GREAT discounts, what item(s) are you most excited to check out? 




  1. wilhelmina says:

    Wow! I hadn’t heard of this box before, but now I can’t wait to give it a try!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love Bablleboxxes! So many great things in them!

  3. I love the idea of adding collagen to baking, I’m going to have to take your advice and look into some recipes to add collagen to because this girl defiantly needs some support with joint strength, they creak like old hinged doors 😉

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