Flavored Waters

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Flavored Waters -- Great way to help with your water intake and add some flavor & fun! #flavoredwater #water #healthy {www.andiethueson.com}
I LOVE Water and I love all the healthy benefits water provides… But sometimes it can become a chore drinking all that WATER! So I found some awesome new ways to church things up and bring a little fun into my water drinking routine! Give Water Mixology a Try!!
Be Creative! Don’t be afraid of trying a new flavor combo of your own! Here are some of my favorite concoctions that I mixed up!
Watermelon + Rosemary may seem like an unlikely paring but this mix is AWESOME and is super refreshing!! 
Orange Slices, Kiwi Slices, and Strawberry Slices – This is just a little bit of sweet! And is perfection! 
Lime + Mint — So Crisp and Refreshing!!! 
Lemon + A Handful of Mixed Frozen Berries + A Splash of Pomegranate Juice = So “BERRY delicious! 
Seriously the sky is the limit on these combos!! Just stick with fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh herbs and mix it up!! I also love Fresh Cucumbers in my water!! 

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