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12 Disgusting NO Good Horrible Foods You Should Never Eat.

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12 foods you should never eat and eliminate from your diet to help improve your overall health! Because your health starts with what you choose to eat!

We live at probably the most enlightened time in the history of the world. Our society’s technological and medical advances, broad-based education system, and readily available clean water and food supply allow a majority of people to live better today, then kings lived in olden days.

Yet for some inexplicable reason, people continue to make dietary choices that are leading our nation to become the unhealthiest in our 240-year history.

Consider this list of medical conditions that are at all-time highs…

Overweight or obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers.

What do these conditions have in common?

They all result from consuming excessive amounts of unhealthy foods that are scientifically proven to leave our bodies weaken and susceptible to a state of disharmony and disease.

These are serious life-threatening concerns.

Yet we keep seeking out seriously unhealthy foods.

We traipse along whistling merrily through the graveyard, content in the illusion that these “conditions” are not happening to us. Even as our bodies are sounding shrill bells and whistles to raise the alarm that these conditions are imminent. The alarms the body uses takes the form of headaches, fatigue, poor memory and concentration, heartburn, constipation, poor sleep and mood swings. All of these are symptoms of poor food choices. The body is suffering, laboring under enormous stressors and begs us to stop, and what do we do? We glibly remark “but it tastes so good”!

The truly sad part is we are doing this to ourselves. These conditions are self-inflicted. We don’t have to eat calorie dense, nutrient poor foods. We don’t have to shovel high levels of sugar and saturated fat into our bodies. We don’t have to feel crummy all the time. We don’t have to make choices that lead to life-sapping medical conditions.

We can make another choice.

When making new choices with our diet the options are endless. I suggest beginning the process of eating healthier by eliminating foods that are the biggest threats to good health.


The following list is not conclusive. When you find other foods that have practically zero nutritional value make the commitment to not eating those too. And start spending less time in ill-health and more time feeling good and looking your best.

12 Disgusting NO Good Horrible Foods You Should Never Eat! 

  1. Processed Cheese/ Spray Cheese, no redeeming nutritional value simply a creative way to eat chemicals.
  2. Lunch meat; aka baloney or pimento loaf – fun ways to say “meat” held together with fillers like cellulose, starches, and carrageenan then dyed and sugared.
  3. Jello; Gelatin (comes from boiling the hides and bones of animals) artificial flavor, artificial food dyes, artificial sweeteners, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), preservatives.
  4. Hot Dogs; dyed, salted and sugar flavored “meat” scraps.
  5. Microwaved popcorn; convenient carcinogens covered in imitation butter flavored chemicals 
  6. Fried Gizzards; fried and spiced to taste chicken intestines.
  7. Pickled Pigs Feet; chopped off hooves soaked in brine.
  8. Chitlins; deep-fried pig intestines.
  9. Spam; bits and pieces of pork in a gelatin goo of water, salt, potato starch and sodium nitrite.
  10. Margarine; industrial chemicals highly processed trans fats in a plastic container.
  11. Shrimp; a sea bug contaminated with toxins.
  12. Soda Pop; The average can uses 10 tablespoons of liquid sugar to mask the taste of ingredients like acesulfame potassium and sodium benzoate.

My invitation to all is that we let go of the “it tastes good” excuse and eliminate foods that promote the conditions that keep people “fat, sick and nearly dead”. There is no reason to eat foods that put our long-term health in jeopardy.

Let’s choose to embrace the unparalleled access we have to education on how to care for our bodies with clean, nutritious, healthy foods. (A great resource is Food Babe –   find her at

Let’s choose to make it a priority to eat better, and give ourselves the best chance for a healthier happier life.

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  1. There are 3 things on this list that I like, I hardly ever get the chance to eat them but, I like them.

    1. See you already have more than half the list mastered 😉

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