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The Ultimate Guide To Fitness Gifts For Him

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I remember the first time I laid eyes on my man. It was the year 2001, and I was dressed up in pleather pants {yes, pleather, you read that right} and a red flame shirt ready for a night out on the town. 

It was my sister’s 18th birthday, and she could go “clubbing” legally for the first time. Being the overprotective older sister, I decided I had better supervise and ensure she didn’t get herself into too much trouble. Don’t let my “getup” fool you; I was not a dance club kind of gal. But for my sister, I would do anything! 

So against all odds, I found myself in the middle of a club dancing or what I hoped would pass for dancing when I saw the man I would end up marrying. 

I cannot describe the feeling I felt when I first saw Kelly. It was like I knew him somehow already, even though being a small-town boy from Idaho; clearly, I had not! It was the weirdest, most “familiar” feeling. 

As we locked eyes and he made his way to me, it was as if the whole club stood still and the awful techno music stopped, and the smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies faded away, and it was just us. 

We ended up dancing the rest of the night and making plans to get together the next night before he had to head back to Idaho. From that night on, he had stolen my heart, and I had no intentions of giving it back. 

Twenty-plus years later, he is still my one and only! We laugh all the time that God must have a pretty good sense of humor for the two of us “non-clubbers” to meet in such a way. But as they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Kelly and I “up in da club” the night we met.

I’m not sure about you, but every year about this time, I begin to panic about what to get this awesome man of mine for Christmas! Kelly is also a big fan of fitness, so I thought I would round up the best of the best when it comes to all things cool and fun for the fitness fanatic in your life. So if you are looking for the perfect fitness gift for the men in your life, you are in the right place!

Round up of 20+ active and functional gift ideas for the active fit men in your life.

Best Fitness Gifts For Him Gift Guide – All The Coolest Dad Gadgets He’ll LOVE!

Grey/ Charcoal Aftershokz Wireless headphones
These are great for those who don’t like buds in their ears.
  • Aftershokz Headphones— I reviewed these a while back, and they are the best wireless headphones, lightweight, great sound, and no wires! They do not rest in or even on your ears, so even when you’re man had his headphones on, he should be able to hear you—curing “selective hearing.”
CBD Healing Salve for sore muscles
This is the best stuff for sore and achy muscles
  • CBD Balm: This makes for the perfect stocking stuffer and is fantastic at soothing sore muscle pain, synonymous with an active lifestyle! I like the brand Calm Wellness. But there are several unique brands out there!
Black and green trigger point foam roller
A foam roller is a magical device for tight and sore muscles!
  • Foam Roller: This is the perfect gift for the avid runner in your life or really anyone who tends to sore muscles! Foam rolling is a great way to soothe muscles after intense workouts! I love this roller from TriggerPoint!
Green, tan, and brown Herschel brand camo design duffel/ gym bag.
How manly and cool is this duffel bag!
  • Gym Bag: I love the brand Hershell for backpacks. And this camo duffel bag is the perfect man bag for your fitness guy.
Black Bowflex adjustable dumbbells allow you to have weights from 5lbs to 50lbs with a twist of a dial
One set of weights are much better than a ginormous stack of weights!
  • Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells: If you want to get a good strength workout at home but don’t have much space, the Bowflex 552 SelectTech Dumbbells are an ideal solution. The innovative pair of 552 SelectTech Dumbbells combines 15 weights into one using a unique dial system. It’s one of the most space-efficient and flexible strength-training options available with its unique and effective design. With just the turn of a dial, you can automatically change your resistance on each dumbbell from 5 pounds up to 52.5 pounds of weight. It adjusts in 2.5-pound increments (up to 25 pounds). These are the perfect gift for an addition to a home gym. Strength training at home just got a lot easier! No crazy rack of weights talking about loads of space in your living room.
Green apple watch series 7 - the perfect gift for your fit guy!
This is just a pretty watch, that has so many helpful functions!
  • The Apple Watch Series 7— My hubby loves his apple watch, and I am not sure how he would function without it. If your man doesn’t already have one, he’ll love it!
Set of resistance bands designed for men.
Not just for the ladies! Bands are great for guys too!
  • Resistance Bands For Dudes: My husband travels a lot for work, so these bands are the perfect thing for him to throw in his suitcase and still get a great workout in while he is away. Resistance bands are NOT just for the ladies!
Lululemon ABC joggers in various colors and sizes the most comfortable and stylish pant for men.
These are my husbands favorite pants, he has them in almost all the colors!
  • Lululemon ABC Joggers: These are my husband’s favorite joggers. And the best part is that they can go from casual or you can dress up for work. He has them in about every color, and he affirms that they are the most comfortable pants ever. And of course, since they are Lululemon, they are very good quality and will last!
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 gym shoes are great for running and training and come in various color combos. Voted best shoe in 2021
The BEST all-around gym shoe of 2021
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 – Voted the best all-around trainer in 2021 by Runner’s World, these shoes are stylish and stylish and great for any type of exercise. Whether your man likes to go for long runs or hit the gym, these shoes are perfect!
SAXX mens underwear with ballpark pouch to help support him a bit more and help prevent chaffing.
With over 1300 5 Star Reviews on Amazon, they’ve got to be good.
  • New Undies: These undies from Saxx boast the “BallPark Pouch,” which offers many unique benefits. For starters, everything stays put, and you won’t have to worry about physically positioning your boys into the pouch. Next up, the pouch’s mesh panels create a permanent divide between your balls and your thighs. This means no more sticking, downright discomfort, or impromptu games of pocket pool. Lastly, the BallPark Pouch provides natural support and movement, meaning that no matter the maneuver, your boys will be good to go. Which I am sure will be a very welcome respite to any fitness routine. I know a good sports bra makes all the difference 🤣😜
Stainless Steel 40oz Cup with handle and fits in your cup holder. This is the official Stanley Cup Dupe.
The official Stanley Cup Dupe.
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Any gym lover needs a good water bottle, and the Stanley 40oz mug that has swept Tik Tok and Instagram is constantly sold out. There is a waiting list! But I tracked down a fantastic backup option with many of the same features and is much more affordable. The Reduce brand has over 3k 4.9 star reviews!
Set of high performance planners designed by coach and motivational speaker Branden Burchard
Help your guy achieve his goals!
  • Life and Health Planners: Want to help your man with all his goals this next year? The best-selling author and world-leading high-performance coach Brendon Burchard designed the Planner to help you think more strategically, prioritize like a pro, achieve your goals faster, and become more focused, happy, and productive. Best of all, the Planner helps you install the personal and professional habits proven to lead to long-term success. Brendon says, “High performance means succeeding over the long term without compromising your health or positive relationships.” This Planner helps you do that by accounting for your entire life’s progress, not just your daily to-dos.
The Theragun Pro is the gold standard when it comes to at home muscle massagers.
This is the perfect tool to work out sore and tight muscles when your foam roller isn’t cutting it.
  • Theragun Pro: If your man had lower back pain or any muscle pain for that matter, Theragun is a gift from the heavens. It is powerful, quiet, and commercial-grade. The Theragun is a professional percussive therapy device in a league of its own. It features top-of-the-line, commercial-grade deep muscle treatment that meets personalized, guided mobile app experiences that help to reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation. With a rotating arm and continuous battery life, the Theragun PRO is the advanced, professional-grade recovery tool of choice for professionals and everyday people worldwide. Developed by Dr. Jason Wersland, every aspect of the Theragun PRO has been thoughtfully designed for maximum ergonomic comfort and unparalleled professional-grade durability and treatment. My husband LOVES his. He got it for Christmas last year.
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder. Helps to build lean muscle after an intense workout.
OVER 25k 4+ star reviews on Amazon!
  • SSG Gold Standard 100% Whey Chocolate Protein Powder: With over 25k 4+ star reviews, this protein powder will help your man recover after a hard workout and help build lean muscle. Optimum nutrition’s gold standard of 100% Whey uses pure Whey Protein Isolates as the primary ingredient. Combined with ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, each serving provides 24 grams of all-whey protein and 5.5 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which athletes prize for their muscle-building qualities. When it comes to protein powder, quality is essential!
Human Charger light therapy helps you to get blue light therapy when access to the sun is hard.
I am intrigued by these and I might just ask Santa for a pair.
  • Human Charger Light Therapy Headphones: In Aubry Marcus’s book, “Own The Day, Own Your Life” (another great gift idea!), he talks about how starting your day with SUN light is a biohack that can make all the difference. Unfortunately, we all don’t have access to the sun when we first wake up, so The Human Charger Wireless Headset is a quick, effective and convenient way to get your necessary daily dose of light. Only 12 minutes are needed for an effective light dose. You can talk on the phone or listen to your favorite content, all during your bright light session. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal to help with mental health during the long winter months.
RX Smart gear jump rope in black, a great tool to throw in a suitcase when traveling.
Jump roping is a great workout! And this is a fantastic rope.
  • RX SmartGear Jump Ropes: It’s the official jump rope of Team USA boxing for a good reason: Its comfortable, ergonomic handle and smooth bearings make it easy to fire off double-unders. Another great piece of exercise equipment your man can throw in a suitcase when traveling.
Door Frame Pull Up Bar, is a great add on for a home gym set up.
Add to a door frame and you’ve got access to the best exercise for guys – pull-ups!
  • Door Frame Pull Up Bar: This versatile piece of equipment gives your man the freedom to get a fantastic workout at home, while traveling, or even at the office—whether that’s by turning his doorway into a pull-up bar or cranking out some tricep dips. The options are (nearly) endless!
OtterBox Trooper cooler the perfect size cooler for fishing, hunting, tailgating really any manly day trip!
The perfect man cooler.
  • OtterBox Trooper Cooler For any active guy who loves to take his exercise to the great outdoors, this ultra-durable cooler is an incredible gift. Whether he’s planning a camping excursion or football weekend, this cooler will keep his refreshing snacks, water, and sodas perfectly chilled.
Portable blender -makes it easier to make a protein shake where ever you are.
This portable blender is a game changer!
  • Portable Blender: This handy dandy portable blender is perfect for keeping at the office. This little blender is upgraded with 6 Pieces 304 stainless blades and a 7.4 rated voltage motor with over 2400 rotation per minute frequency. Powerful and effective. 100% BPA-free eco-friendly, food-grade and non-toxic PCTG materials. Safe and quiet. 4000 mAh battery, 400ml large capacity, quickly charge within 3 hours. Portable and reliable.
Bombas socks - in black and no show. A great athletic sock for men.
These are my husband’s favorite socks!
  • Bombas Socks: My husband swears by these socks and will be asking for more this Christmas! Bombas socks are made with a premium fiber that’s soft, durable, and smooth against your skin. It shrinks minimally in the wash and will hold up wear after wear. And they are awesome and give one pair of socks to homeless shelters for every pair purchased! I love gifts that give back.
Gift the gift of Audible this Holiday! One of the  best Fitness Gifts For Him. He can get to learning while working out.
Give the gift of learning and growth!

Audible is the perfect gift for the man in your life that loves to learn and grow! Gift with a year-long membership!

I hope these Fitness gift ideas for him inspire you to find just the right gift idea for the main men in your life. I actually see a couple of items on this list I would enjoy as well!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Much Love,


  1. this has been so helpful for when I think about getting christmas gifts for my 2 brothers.

  2. 5 stars
    What a great list!! It gets so hard! This will help so much & I see things on here that I want to get my hubby!

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