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Girlfriends Guide to Detoxes! Your FAQ’s Answered!

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Before I get started I just want to clear up a couple things… I am not a health care professional or nutritionist, so my thoughts and opinions are exactly that! Yes I have done quite a few detoxes and I love testing them for you lovely folks. I do this in hope that my honest opinions as to whether or not they work are helpful to you! But I am not an expert! That being said over the years of trying detoxes and getting asked several of the same type of questions over and over again I thought I would take the time to answer them ALL! To ensure that you are prepared if you are planning on trying a detox!

As a general rule I am a fan of a good detox… they help flush the body of gunk and reset the body. They are also a tool to help aide in your weight loss journey! They are not the answer to weight loss! Just merely a tool to help you on your way. When starting a diet or trying to cut sugar or carbs from your diet a detox will help prepare your body so that you do not crave sugar and complex carbs and will help break the cycle making the transition to a clean eating way of life that much easier! If you fall off the wagon detoxes are a great way to help get you back on track as well.

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Detoxes are great and I recommend them, but it you are only relying on them alone in your weight loss journey… you will be disappointed. You need to take a long term approach! Exercise and healthy eating are the answer! Unless you eat less crap and move more you will not #1 be healthy and #2 reach your weight loss goals. It doesn’t get more simplified than that. 🙂

I love hearing from you and enjoy all your comments! Here are some of the Questions I get asked the most!


1. Do I eat while doing a detox?
For the most part the detoxes I have tried are drinking a lot of “special” water concoctions… so YES please eat!! I’m pretty sure only drinking water for 5-7 days would do way more damage then good! Do eat but cut sugar and complex or “bad” carbs from your diet. Eat fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. 
2. Will I need to frequent the facilities during my cleanse?!?
Yes you will! You are cleansing your body and getting rid of toxins so its all part of the process my friend. 
3. How often can I do a detox?
I wouldn’t recommend doing a detox more than once a month. Your body needs the break and cutting calories for an extended amount of time is not sustainable and can cause your body to actually go into starvation mode killing your metabolism which is no bueno!! 
4. Can I sub out the ingredients if I can’t find an ingredient?
For the most part the closer you are to the original the better. Small subs are possible but may lessen the results. 
5. How long should I do the detox?
All the water detoxes I have on my blog can be done for as little as three days or as long as 7 … It is really up to you on how long and how much you are wanting to lose. It really comes down to personal preference. I recommend 5 days! 

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me! I love to hear from my readers and help y’all out as much as I can! Shoot any questions @ andie{@}

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  1. How much fruit/vegetables/lean protein do you eat in addition to the cleanse drink?

    1. Keep calories between 800-1200 I would say to have 4-6oz of lean protein with each meal

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